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The ideal lighting of the riding hall or arena should take into account both the needs of the person and the horse. After all, both differ greatly in their eyesight: while humans are more likely to be disturbed by darkness, horses are sensitive to strong fluctuations in brightness. 

Therefore, the training place should be brightly and evenly lit to make the work as pleasant as possible for man and animal.

Different regulations apply for the tournament and competition area with regard to the required illuminance levels than for leisure activities. 

We would like to show you what to pay attention to in each case in order to create optimal conditions for horse and rider.

But good lighting is not only important for training. We would also like to clarify what is important for the lighting of the stable and tack room and what you can do to create a cosy atmosphere in the riders' room. ?


There are no legally prescribed values for these areas,

However, the regulations of most insurance companies are based on the recommendations set out in the European standard DIN EN 12193 "Sports facility lighting".


Illuminance, measured in the unit "lux", indicates the amount of light reaching the floor and thus influences how much light needs to be mounted on the ceiling.

However, these values can be used as a minimum guideline, since the illuminance prescribed is sufficient in most cases. 

Competition Riding Hall International: 

500 lux

Competition Riding Hall regional: 

300 lux

Training / school operation: 

300 lux 

Color Rendering Index


Light should best reproduce the colours of its surroundings as sunlight does. The CRI (= color rendering index) provides information about the color rendering of light.

A high CRI helps to maintain visual performance and optimizes the visual information intake during the riding lesson. 


When selecting and installing your lights, make sure that they do not dazzle either horse or rider. Reflections of light are disturbing and distracting and can even be dangerous if your horse gets scared.  

Glare can be prevented by specially developed optics, but also the mounting height and angle are important prerequisites for a safe riding lesson.  

In order to identify which luminaires cause more or less glare, the degree of glare is measured in the so-called UGR value. 

Protection against dust and water 

Both in the stables and in the sandy riding halls it is self-explanatory that the lights should be protected from dust and water. However, the changing climate in riding stables can also have a negative effect on the performance and service life of your lighting. Therefore, make sure you choose a high IP value when choosing your lighting system. In this way you ensure that your luminaires are protected against weather-related environmental influences and that dusty luminaires can be easily cleaned with water. This not only prolongs the life of your lights, but also reduces the maintenance and replacement cycles of your lights.

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LED-Lighting for Riding Halls

The riding hall is the workplace for you and your horse, so to speak. So create the best conditions here to make the training as pleasant as possible.
Horses are sensitive to large differences in brightness, so you should pay particular attention to evenly illuminate the indoor riding arena and avoid disturbing light reflections and shadow play.
In order to ensure such harmonious illumination, a light band, for example, which extends over the entire hall, can be used. Alternatively, one can work with the robust Highbay lights from Eiko. If your new lighting is additionally equipped with a motion or daylight sensor, the hall light will only be switched on when riding is taking place - that saves money... ?
And if you want to control your lighting with your smartphone, use the Casambi module, which can be retrofitted wirelessly. How exactly this works, we show on our blog or YouTube channel
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