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LED lighting for Metalworkers and Locksmiths

Companies that process metal, steel and aluminium demand perfect technical properties from the lighting. 

Dust and chips are produced during the processing of the materials, and the luminaire must also withstand high temperatures and paints. There are also legal requirements that influence the choice of the right lighting. For example, there are certain protection factors to be observed, as well as the minimum illuminance. But also personal requirements, such as high efficiency or a simple and quick installation option, play a role in the selection of suitable products for your business.

We have selected the relevant criteria so that you can quickly and easily get an overview of the appropriate lighting for your metalworking business. 

With a free and non-binding light calculation and planning, we would like to support you in creating an efficient and sustainable working environment.

Legal Requirements

For metalworkers and locksmiths, very special legal regulations apply when it comes to light and luminaires. Here you can find out what these are.


measured in lux

Illuminance, measured in "lux", is prescribed by law for most commercial applications. Different lux values apply for different areas of activity. The values stated refer to the amount of light reaching the ground.

Tool, gauge and fixture construction, precision and micromechanics: 1000 Lux, CRI 80 

Very fine assembly work: 750 Lux, CRI 80 

Electroplating; welding: 300 Lux, CRI 80 

Forging; casting and melting shops, emptying stations, machine moulding shop: 200 Lux, CRI 60 

Machine work: 300 – 500 Lux, CRI 60 

Marking, control: 300 Lux, CRI 60 

Wire and tube drawing, cold forming: 750 Lux, CRI 60 

Sheet metal processing: 200 – 300 Lux, CRI 60 

Production of tools and cutlery: 300 Lux, CRI 60

Protection against dust and water

IP Protection

The protection factor of luminaires is of great importance in metalworking companies. Due to the occurrence of dust, sparks and moisture, the luminaires should be equipped with an IP protection of ≥ IP54 so that dust and splash water cannot harm them.


UGR = Unified Glare Rating

Luminaires used in workshops must under no circumstances be allowed to dazzle, as this is not only perceived as annoying but can also lead to massive hazards, especially when working with machines.

Glare can be prevented by specially developed optics, but the mounting height and angle are also important prerequisites for safe working. 

In order to identify which luminaires cause more or less glare, the degree of glare is measured in the so-called UGR value. 

Color Rendering Index


Especially in craft businesses it is important that the light reflects the surrounding colours as naturally as possible.  

The CRI (= color rendering index) provides information about the color rendering of light.  

This index should be >60 when working in locksmitheries and metalworking companies.

Matching products

We have put together a selection of top products that meet all the legal requirements for your industry.

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Perfect Products

For your Locksmith's Shop Lighting

Fluctuating ceiling heights as well as exposure to dust, flying sparks and moisture present special challenges for your workshop lighting.

We guarantee that we can help you with the right components. Continuous row or highbay luminaires are suitable for illuminating large assembly halls. These are very robustly built and easy to install. It is recommended to combine them with sensor technology or Casambi, so that the light comes on as soon as movement is detected or can be controlled smartly and conveniently via wireless switch. This way you profit from immense energy cost savings. 

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Get the most out of your workplace - with the perfect lighting solution! We offer professional and non-binding lighting planning and consulting for almost every application. With the help of these, we not only make it clear how much light is needed in different places, but also which luminaires are suitable and the best place to install them. Naturally, we keep the legal requirements in mind and take your personal preferences regarding design and price level into account. Request your professional lighting calculation now and receive your perfect lighting design - within 24 hours.

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