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Your advantages of light optimization

Why you will
profit enormously

Boosting work performance and output
Light improves well-being and work performance and makes e.g. machine work safer
Sustainable savings thanks to LED technology
Efficient LED lighting will noticeably reduce your energy costs.
Standard-compliant for operational safety
Often annoying and intransparent. We tell you how to do it right. Set up professionally today and stay stress-free in the long term.
Minimize maintenance costs
Dragged fluorescent tubes out of the basement again? LED is long-lasting, easier to replace and still available in the future.

DIN EN 12464

Your company must meet
these requirements

Medium difficult visual tasks
Sheet metal processing, tool making, welding
Demanding visual tasks
Machine work
Finest visual tasks
Precision and micromechanics
Functional lights
Robust, durable lighting

Expert tip

Universal lighting is not suitable for your woodworking store. We recommend a flexible lighting concept consisting of individual solutions for each workplace and each activity. Our lighting experts will calculate for you individually what such a solution would look like for you.

Light calculation


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Concentrate on your business, your lighting expert will calculate the optimal combination of devices for you.
So simple.

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What are the legal requirements for locksmith lighting?

The illuminance, measured in "lux", is prescribed by law for most commercial areas of application. Different lux values apply for different areas of activity. The specified values refer to the amount of light that reaches the floor. Thus, they have an influence on how much light must be installed on the ceiling. 

  • Tool, jig and fixture making, precision and micromechanics: 1000 lux, CRI 80 
  • Very fine assembly work: 750 lux, CRI 80 
  • Electroplating; welding: 300 lux, CRI 80 
  • Forging Casting and melting shops, emptying shops, machine molding: 200 Lux, CRI 60 
  • Machine work: 300 - 500 lux, CRI 60 
  • Marking, inspection: 300 lux, CRI 60 
  • Wire and tube drawing shop, cold forming: 750 Lux, CRI 60 
  • Sheet metal processing: 200 - 300 lux, CRI 60 
  • Production of tools and cutlery: 300 Lux, CRI 60

Is it worthwhile to rely on LED lighting for metalworking companies?

Modern LED lighting is worthwhile not only because of its energy efficiency. LED lights have a long service life, so there are no costs for frequent maintenance or replacement of lighting components. We are happy to help with the conversion!

What IP protection do the lights in my locksmith shop need?

The protection factor of the luminaires is of great importance in metalworking plants. Due to the occurrence of dust, sparks and moisture, the luminaires should be equipped with IP protection of ≥ IP54, so dust and splash water cannot harm them.

What else do I need to consider when lighting my locksmith shop?

Luminaires used in workshops must not dazzle under any circumstances, because this is not only perceived as annoying, but can also lead to massive hazards, especially when working with machines. Glare can be prevented by specially developed optics; but the mounting height and angle are also important prerequisites for safe working. To identify which luminaires cause more or less glare, the degree of glare is measured in the so-called UGR value.