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Perfect light quality
Our LED lights score with outstanding technical lighting data. So you get the best out of your artwork. Thanks to high-quality LED technology and low heat generation, your paintings are gently put in the limelight.
Excellent color rendering
The color rendering index describes the quality of an artificial light source compared to natural sunlight. Thanks to a CRI of over 90, the colors and textures of your painting are reproduced true to life.
Low UV output
UV light can damage your artwork in the long run. Our LED lamps do not produce any harmful UV radiation. Combined with the balanced color spectrum and the excellent light technical values, the best choice for your art objects.

Tips for lighting your pictures

Pictures, photos and similar works of art only develop their full effect with a sophisticated lighting concept. While living areas tend to be lit indirectly, art should be illuminated directly and as naturally as possible. Find out here what you need to consider when lighting your art objects.

Positioning of the luminaires
Light Values
Brightness and illuminance
Advantage of LED

Expert tip

Universal lighting is not suitable for your art gallery. We recommend a flexible lighting concept consisting of individual solutions for each workplace and each activity. Our lighting experts will calculate for you individually what such a solution would look like for you.

Light calculation

Our product recommendations are perfectly matched to each other
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"The art lights up your life. The light enlivens your art." 

"Many lovers and acquirers of my works ask me about the appropriate lighting for their treasures. The lighting solutions of watt24 are a perfect solution to set the artworks in scene. They reproduce the many colors of my paintings excellently. In addition, they develop neither UV radiation nor heat, which could harm the sensitive materials. Thanks to the practical sets from watt24, you get everything you need for your optimally illuminated picture in one click. Simply mounted on the ceiling, the high-quality spotlights illuminate the artwork from above. This prevents unsightly shadows."

- Mo Tuncay about gallery spotlights from WATT24

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Why searching for so long?
Concentrate on your business, your lighting expert will calculate the optimal combination of devices for you.
So simple.

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