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For more than 100 years TRILUX has been shaping the present and the future of light, with the aim of creating artificial light that is as efficient, versatile and sustainable as the sun. Today, TRILUX offers not only technical luminaires for indoor and outdoor use, but also suitable lighting solutions for every requirement. Simplify Your Light stands for the simplest and safest way to a customized, energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solution. In the dynamic and increasingly complex lighting market, the customer receives the best advice, optimal orientation and the perfect light. To ensure this claim, TRILUX draws on a broad portfolio of technologies as well as high-performance partners of the TRILUX Group and combines individual components into customized complete solutions - always perfectly matched to customer needs and the area of application.
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Art.-Nr.: 7756540
Luminaire typeSurface-mounted luminaire for damp rooms and canopied outdoor areas.Applica…

€51.48 net €43.26

No longer available

Art.-Nr.: 7756740
Luminaire typeSurface-mounted luminaire for damp rooms and canopied outdoor areas.Supplem…

€60.70 net €51.01

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 2870800
Trilux Replacement diffuser for Surface-mounted damp-proof luminaire 7483 PC

€101.55 net €85.34

Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 2194700
IP20 end cap. Of plastic. For 07650/... trunking, in combination with round reflectors. C…

€0.62 net €0.52

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 7376340
The 2340 LED is super flexible in use. Whether as a wall or ceiling luminaire, it fulfils…

€49.65 net €41.72

No longer available

Art.-Nr.: 7019700
Y wire suspension for suspension lengths to: 2000 mm. For luminaires from series Luceos.

€21.11 net €17.74

Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 7017951
Luminaire typeVersatile luminaire module for suspended and surface-mounted luminaires. In…

€372.67 net €313.17

Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 10229413
Hygienic protective wall 1200 x 800 mm. Made by TRILUX.Product advantagesPractical hygien…

€85.22 net €71.61

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 7376440
The 2340 LED is super flexible in use. Whether as a wall or ceiling luminaire, it fulfils…

€49.65 net €41.72

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 6864840
The round LED recessed downlight Aviella C05 OA 1200-830 ET 01 is perfectly suited for of…

€48.85 net €41.05

Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 7756140
Luminaire typeSurface-mounted LED ceiling luminaire with translucent PMMA cover.Applicati…

€216.85 net €182.23

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 2869100
Trilux Replacement diffuser for Wall and ceiling surface-mounted luminaires 7402N

€74.39 net €62.51

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 7640840
Luminaire typeSurface-mounted LED ceiling luminaire with translucent PMMA cover. Luminair…

€115.78 net €97.29

No longer available

Art.-Nr.: 7375740
Luminaire typeLED downlight for ceilings with cavity dimensions ≥ 50 mm Luminaire with do…

€35.19 net €29.57

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 7018700
Connection end cap, 5-wire version. For luminaires from series Luceos. Of die-cast alumin…

€51.31 net €43.12

Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 7630251
Luminaire typeSquare LED recessed ceiling luminaire with prismatic PMMA cover.Application…

€69.89 net €58.73

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 7169900
Standard end cap without supplementary function. For luminaires from series Luceos. Of di…

€15.85 net €13.32

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 7798340
Luminaire typeSquare LED recessed ceiling luminaire with prismatic PMMA cover. Version M8…

€67.58 net €56.79

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 7093500
Trilux Luceos H ZLK B/5/03

€80.55 net €67.69

Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 6391840
The square wall and ceiling surface-mounted light Deca WD1 G2 LED1000-840 ET from Trilux…

€101.15 net €85.00 €136.77

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 7630351
 Luminaire typeSquare LED recessed ceiling luminaire with prismatic PMMA cover.&nbsp…

€72.67 net €61.07

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 2869300
The white replacement diffuser 7403N from TRILUX is suitable for wall and ceiling mounted…

€108.71 net €91.35

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 7377640
The 2360 LED is the smart suspended luminaire for standard-compliant lighting e.g. in off…

€215.39 net €181.00

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 7755740
Luminaire typeSurface mounted LED luminaire with translucent PMMA cover glass.Application…

€166.36 net €139.80

No longer available

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Employee Purchasing from Troisdorf

Great advice and friendly service. I was helped immediately and competently with any questions. Gladly again.

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Office Manager from Frankfurt a.M.

Goods are well packaged and arrive safely, which is important to me. My mail was answered immediately. 

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Master carpenter from Wiesbaden

Had to replace a lamp, but the same was no longer available. Great advice, found a suitable replacement and delivered it quickly.

Light expert info

TRILUX – Simplify your light

The name of the company, founded in 1912, goes back to the linear luminaires with triple luminous efficacy produced in the past. And to this day, innovation, progress and expansion are firmly anchored in the company's principles.
Thus, TRILUX now counts twelve legally independent sales companies on an international level, as well as 30 subsidiaries and participations to the company. This makes TRILUX the market leader for technical luminaires.

A comprehensive concept and technical know-how is demonstrated, among other things, by the founding of the Trilux Academy at the headquarters in Arnsberg. Here, the company offers seminars and workshops on the subject of light and lighting for employees and business associates. Lighting planning, applications and current specialist topics such as LED knowledge are imparted to participants and are a sign of the company's excellent quality management system.

TRILUX luminaires

Modern and functional LED luminaires are the hobbyhorse of the traditional company. Thereby TRILUX covers almost every lighting problem and application. From individual luminaires for private end users to lighting concepts and lighting systems for commercial customers, TRILUX always offers the right solution with state-of-the-art products.
Thanks to constant observation of the market and permanent analysis of lighting problems, TRILUX is able to continuously bring revolutionary luminaires, lamps and lighting concepts to the market.

Light management from TRILUX

TRILUX also has a lot to offer in the field of lighting control. Starting with manual controls and sensor technology to color control systems and smart home, the company offers several options.
The in-house light management system LiveLink combines energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability with the simplest handling. The system also benefits from cooperation with sensor technology specialist STEINEL.

Outdoor luminaires from TRILUX 

Whether stylish garden lighting, safety-creating outdoor lighting or directional path lighting, TRILUX offers the right strategy for every requirement: 

  • Ground recessed luminaires 
  • Bollard luminaires 
  • LED spotlights 
  • Floodlights 
  • Wall and ceiling luminaires 
  • Pole lights 
  • Light pillars 
  • Spare parts
  • and many more

TRILUX Interior Luminaires 

The manufacturer's interior lighting portfolio includes numerous luminaire models for private use or commercial applications. So you will find all lighting solutions for your needs: 

Pay per Use from TRILUX 

It is no longer a secret that a conversion to LED only brings advantages. Nevertheless, many companies shy away from the horrendous acquisition costs of new LED lighting systems. 

With the TRILUX "Pay per Use" service, tradesmen can avoid high investment costs and still benefit from the advantages of modern LED technology. Here, too, the expertise and customer orientation of the TRILUX Group is evident.

Buy TRILUX products at watt24 

Our store offers a wide range of luminaires from TRILUX. You can also find suitable accessories or replacement troughs in our assortment. 

Do you have questions about the TRILUX range or can't find what you are looking for? Our lighting experts can definitely help you!