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Lighting solutions for your project  

Are you looking for the ideal and cost-effective lighting system for your company, workshop or sports facility? 

We have the perfect lighting solution for your application! 

With an individual light calculation and planning, we determine how much light is needed at different locations, taking into account the legal requirements. Of course, we keep your personal demands and wishes regarding design and price level in mind. Within 24 hours we can not only tell you how many lights you need and where they are best installed. We will suggest suitable, efficient products directly to you. There is hardly any limit to the type of applications. 

Directly to light calculation

Offices and surgeries: Bright light that promotes concentration is required here to create a productive and healthy working environment. LED panel luminaires offer ideal lighting conditions with high efficiency. 

Workshops and (production) halls: For workshop or hall lighting, the right luminous intensity and the most natural colour rendering possible are important. Dust and moisture often cause severe damage to the luminaires. Longevity is guaranteed by appropriate IP protection. 

Storerooms: Economical to buy, robust and durable. LED moisture-proof luminaires are the ideal choice. 

Petrol stations: Customers should feel comfortable and safe. Therefore, inviting and bright illumination of all surfaces is important. EX luminaires are suitable for use in hazardous areas.

Car wash facilities: The lighting must of course be waterproof! But did you also know that with an RGB control system you can turn your car wash into a real experience for your customers? 

Sports facilities: Whether for handball, tennis or equestrian sports - uniform indoor lighting makes your hobby more fun. And we also have the plan and suitable products for outdoor courts. 

Farms: Since the well-being of your animals is as important to us as your satisfaction, we use high-quality products for stable lighting that are easy on your wallet in the long term. LED light strip, for example, provides uniform, flexible illumination with high energy efficiency and a suitable IP protection class. 

Your application was not included? Please contact us, we can certainly help you!