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Industrial lighting

Uniform and healthy LED lighting in industry

von Joan Degener

Your advantages of light optimization

Why you will
profit enormously

Save energy costs
LED industrial luminaires reduce electricity costs enormously. In addition, LED lighting is very durable - maintenance work and regular replacement are not necessary.
Suitable lighting concept
Every industrial application has different requirements and demands on the lighting concept. We know and will find the perfect solution for you.
Healthy light with HCL
Lighting has been proven to improve the well-being, health and performance of your employees. Human Centric Lighting recreates the natural course of the sun.
Everything from a single source
With us, you receive an exact lighting design tailored to your needs. We take into account both legal requirements and personal preferences.

Lighting recommendations

These requirements should
your industrial lighting should meet

Robust LED lights
Emergency safety
Emergency lighting
Well-being increases performance
Healthy light

Expert tip

A universal lighting solution is not suitable for your industry. We recommend a flexible lighting concept consisting of individual solutions for each workplace and each activity. How such a solution looks like for your company, our lighting experts calculate individually for you.

Light calculation


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Our product recommendations are perfectly matched to each other
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As a rule, we deliver your products within 24 hours - also directly to your construction site
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Top Service
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Your time
is valuable.

You have everything for your light optimization but it remains a time expenditure, which you can use better elsewhere?

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"With the new LED industrial luminaires from WATT24 we have really good light and at the same time reduced our electricity costs"

- Karl Schröder, Bremen

Light Calculation   Learn more

Why searching for so long?
Concentrate on your business, your lighting expert will calculate the optimal combination of devices for you.
So simple.

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  • product recommendations
  • standard-copmliant lighting
  • individual ideas