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Perfect light for your petrol station

  • Increased safety through bright and uniform illumination
  • Friendly appearance attracts customers and improves image 
  • Water-protected luminaires for outdoor areas 
  • Very high energy savings possible with LED technology

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Perfect Light Means

increased security and satisfied customers

A bright and friendly appearance that shines down to the streets is an important figurehead for petrol stations, as this is the first point of contact with potential customers. It's not just about good orientation on your premises or the easy reading of tank amounts - much more important is the safety and sense of security of your visitors and employees. Filling stations always pose a risk of explosion due to the highly flammable fuel. Your lighting should therefore be protected in accordance with the ATEX directive. We can tell you which lights are suitable and what you should also take into account.

After refuelling, a short stop in the shop? The feel-good factor of your customers should be particularly close to your heart - so they like to stay a little longer at your filling station. And that not only promotes the brand image, but also increases the turnover of your petrol station shop. At the same time, the aspect of energy efficiency is very important. Particularly in 24-hour operation, up to 80% cost savings can be achieved by converting to LED technology combined with lighting management systems.  

Legal requirements

Very special legal regulations apply to petrol stations when it comes to the correct lighting.


Illuminance, measured in "lux", is prescribed by law for most commercial applications. Different lux values apply for different areas of activity. The values stated refer to the amount of light reaching the ground. They therefore influence how much light needs to be mounted on the ceiling.

Car parks and parking spaces: 10 Lux, Ra 25 

Entry / exit: 50 Lux, Ra 40 

Air pressure, water test points: 150 Lux, Ra 20 

Tank systems, measuring devices: 100 Lux, Ra 60

Colour Rendering Index


Light is best able to reproduce the colours of its surroundings as naturally as possible. Information about how well a luminaire does this is provided by the colour rendering index (CRI) of the luminaire. We recommend a colour rendering index from ≥80 for the petrol station shop.

Colour rendering index of some lamps
Incandescent lamp up to 100 LED
65 - 97
OLED 80 - 90
Fluorescent lamp white de luxe85 - 98
White fluorescent lamp 70 - 84
Fluorescent lamp standard 50 - 90 
Source: Wikipedia


UGR = Unified Glare Rating

To make it easier to read the fuel level in the dark, but also to reduce the risk of accidents at your petrol station, you should choose luminaires with low glare. 

This is achieved on the one hand by the mounting height; in addition, special glare-free optics can be used. The degree of glare is expressed in the UGR value.

Endangered operating sites 

Filling stations are classified as fire hazard locations in accordance with ublication VdS 2033. Due to the fuels in the fuel dispenser area, this is a location with an increased fire risk. For this reason, it is extremely sensible to equip the hazardous area with EX luminaires.

We have compiled further information on this for you in this YouTube video.


We have put together a selection of top products that meet all the legal requirements for your industry.

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Perfect light for your petrol station

The pump station is the central point of contact for your gas station. 

This is where the main action takes place, so make sure that the lighting is bright and even but not dazzling. This makes it easier for your customers to refuel and also guarantees a good and safe feeling. Another requirement for your lighting is weather resistance. Constantly changing, sometimes adverse weather conditions place great demands on your lights.

We recommend robust models such as the ZALUX Acquex. This also meets the ATEX guidelines, so it can also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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