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Compact fluorescent lamps 

As the name suggests, this illuminant is a small fluorescent lamp. The tube in which the gas discharge takes place is shortened and its diameter is reduced. In addition, the tube is "folded" several times, so that the lamp can be accommodated very space-saving. Thus, the fluorescent lamp became suitable as an "energy-saving lamp" for living rooms. 

With or without ballast? 

Like all fluorescent lamps, the compact representative of these lamps must also be operated with a ballast. Here too, you will find models in which the ballast is directly integrated. Most of them have a screw base, which makes them a direct and efficient replacement for conventional light bulbs with Edison thread. Advantages of compact fluorescent lamps compared to conventional light bulbs 

✓ high energy efficiency 

✓ increased service life 

✓ large variety of colours 

✓ less heat generation 

How do I dispose of my used compact fluorescent lamps? 

Fluorescent lamps of all kinds belong in the hazardous waste. The glass tube contains problematic substances such as mercury, which must not be disposed of in household waste. These substances are not only harmful to the environment but also to health. If you have any questions about your compact fluorescent lamps or energy saving lamps, please contact us.