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Further Information

LED strips - the most flexible light solution for your lighting 

The plastic strips with small LED diodes offer all kinds of possibilities for your lighting projects. A big advantage of the LED strips is their flexibility - they are extremely bendable and adapt easily to all conditions. In addition, you can freely determine the length of the strips by shortening and connecting them. 

LED strips for a wide variety of purposes 

Thanks to their extraordinary adaptability and versatility, the strips are suitable for both decorative and functional lighting. We have listed a few typical applications to give you an overview of the possibilities of your lighting projects with LED-Strip: 

✔ indirect lighting of furniture like bed, sofa or table 

✔ stylish backlighting of cupboards, TV or mirror cabinet 

✔ Practical path lighting, especially on landings 

✔ bright worktop lighting, for example in the kitchen 

✔ Illuminated signs for the commercial sector 

Depending on the application, you should pay attention to a few features (of your LED strips). 

The right LED-Strips for outdoor use

If you want to spice up your outdoor areas with the practical strips, make sure they are protected against moisture or dust. The IP-rating tells you how suitable your lighting is for use in humid or dusty environments. You can find information about the IP protection under the product data. 

Tip: If you are using LED strips in the kitchen or bathroom, you should also ensure a high IP protection because of the water vapour. 

Brightly coloured or plain white?

In terms of light colour, LED strips are true all-rounders. Where at first there were only RGB tapes that mixed several colours from red, green and blue, a lot has now changed. And that was necessary, the disadvantage of RGB tapes is that they mix an unnatural, falsifying white. RGBW strips offer the solution, with an additional white diode it is no longer necessary to mix a white tone of three colours. However, this tape offers only one colour temperature, so you often have to decide before buying whether your lighting should be cold or warm white. 

If you want to have flexibility regarding the colour temperature, your decision should be made for RGBWW or dual white light bands. With these you can choose freely between cold and warm white. 

What you need to know about self-adhesive LED strips 

Most LED strips are self-adhesive. Depending on the quality of the adhesive, this is completely sufficient for many applications. However, if you want to attach your tapes in moisture-prone areas, we recommend additional fixings, for example with profiles. This way you can enjoy your strips for a long time.