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Moisture-proof luminaires 

In humid or dusty environments, such as outdoor areas or factory halls, the lighting needs special protection to prevent damage to the electronics. Moisture-proof luminaires are ideal for use in adverse conditions thanks to their high IP protection.

Art.-Nr.: 10170846
47W surface mounted LED waterproof luminaire The surface-mounted LED waterproof lumi…

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Art.-Nr.: 7374740
The 2315 LED is the ideal weather-proof luminaire for e.g. multi-storey car parks, storag…

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Art.-Nr.: EKTPC65W50K150-5x1,5
The EiKO Tri-Proof 65W 5000K waterproof LED luminaire with neutral white light is used wh…

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Art.-Nr.: 7374640
The 2315 LED is the ideal weather-proof luminaire for e.g. multi-storey car parks, storag…

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Art.-Nr.: 10170847
Highly efficient IP66 protected mounted LED wet room luminaire with 135 lumens per watt,…

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Art.-Nr.: 7374940
The 2315 LED is the ideal weather-proof luminaire for e.g. multi-storey car parks, storag…

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Art.-Nr.: 10170844
32W surface mounted LED waterproof luminaireThe surface-mounted LED waterproof luminaire…

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Art.-Nr.: 10171079
34W LED waterproof luminaire with 4000KZALUX's surface-mounted LED waterproof luminaire D…

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Art.-Nr.: EKTPCS36W50K-120-5x1,5
Robust IP65 protected LED hf-sensor moisture-proof luminaire with a nominal power of 36W,…

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Art.-Nr.: 590411
Applications The NORKA BREMERHAVEN HT 1 x 36W is a T8 fluorescent lamp, which is extreme…

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Art.-Nr.: 10171081
34W LED waterproof luminaire with 4000KZALUX's surface-mounted LED waterproof luminaire D…

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Art.-Nr.: EKTPCS54W50K-150-5x1,5
54W waterproof LED luminaire with sensorThe waterproof LED luminaire Tri-Proof with integ…

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Art.-Nr.: 10149442
Anti-theft device for LED moisture-proof surface-mounted luminaires.

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Art.-Nr.: 10170845
32W surface mounted LED waterproof luminaire The surface-mounted LED waterproof lumi…

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Art.-Nr.: 4007841052911
New diffuser luminaire. New options. The sensor-switched LED diffuser luminaire is sturdy…

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Art.-Nr.: 30135646
WELOOM BASIC LED Waterproof Luminaire is a surface mounted luminaire with opal PC cover f…

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Art.-Nr.: 7376840
2345 LED is versatile in use. As a wall or ceiling luminaire it fulfils nearly any lighti…

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Art.-Nr.: EKTPC36W40K120-5x1,5
Robust waterproof LED-luminaire from EiKO. Tri-Proof LED has a rated power of 36W, 4320 l…

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Art.-Nr.: 10172968
The ZALUX LED damp-proof luminaire Olexeon 1200 B 4000-840 ET TWS 110-277V is a surface-m…

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Art.-Nr.: 10145278
The LED-proof luminaire ZALUX BASE 1500 6000-840 ET TWS is a specially developed for the…

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Art.-Nr.: 10175533
The ZALUX BASE series is an energy-efficient LED luminaire with increased impact res…

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Art.-Nr.: 871016333805799
There’s an art to creating a quality lighting schemethat exceeds your customers’ expectat…

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Art.-Nr.: 7374840
The 2315 LED is the ideal weather-proof luminaire for e.g. multi-storey car parks, storag…

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Art.-Nr.: 4058075130937
This is the product DAMP PROOF DALI 1200 39 W 4000 K IP65 GY of LEDVANCE.

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Light expert info

Buying advice waterproof luminaires

Some luminaires require a certain robustness against external influences such as moisture or high dust levels. This applies primarily to those that are to be used in operational or outdoor areas.

Damp room luminaires are best suited for such use. With a high IP protection, they guarantee perfect functioning, even under adverse conditions.

  • robust lights
  • protected against dust and moisture
  • efficient LED technology
  • suitable lighting for every application
  • different versions

My new waterproof luminaires - what do I need to pay attention to?

The choice of the right damp-proof luminaire depends primarily on the planned/desired area of application. In addition, legal requirements play a role, mostly in operational applications. Your individual ideas also influence the choice of the right luminaire. 

But regardless of the area of application, the IP protection rating of damp-proof luminaires provides information about their suitability for use under adverse conditions.

The two-digit number tells you to what extent your lamp is resistant to water and/or dust.

Once you know what level of protection you need to use your luminaire, you need to determine the smartest solution for your application.

Which damp-proof luminaire is best suited for which application?

While in the industrial or business sector the focus is basically on functionality, efficiency and assembly, in the private sector optics also play a role. We have put together buying recommendations for you for the most diverse areas of application, including suitable alternatives and their advantages and disadvantages. So you can easily find the optimal luminaire that meets the legal and your individual requirements.

Discover the right waterproof luminaire for: 

  • industrial, factory and warehouse buildings 
  • multi-storey car parks
  • garage lighting and cellars 
  • entrance areas, staircases and corridors, as well as sanitary facilities and changing rooms

Efficient and easy to install for industrial or factory halls and storage areas

Especially in industrial areas, lighting is exposed to high levels of dust or dirt. Accordingly, luminaires need to be able to withstand water. 

Not only air humidity but also spray water for cleaning purposes play a role here.

In addition, there are a number of legal and individual requirements for your commercial lighting.
Often the illuminance, colour rendering index and glare are regulated by law. Furthermore, you certainly have your own ideas about the price level and installation of your moisture-proof luminaires.

The "Tri-Proof" series of damp-proof luminaires from EiKO are ideal for use in industrial rooms and factory halls. They score points with an excellent lumen package so that the legal requirements for your application can be optimally met.  

  • high efficiency
  • simply mounted
  • optional single or feed-through wiring
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • optionally available with integrated sensor 

Alternatively we recommend the somewhat cheaper model "Duna" from the manufacturer ZALUX. With this lamp, however, you must consider before buying whether you prefer single or through-wiring. 

  • robust and impact resistant
  • high efficiency
  • available in different versions
  • optionally available with integrated sensor

The ideal damp-proof luminaire for your car park

The lighting in your car park should meet several requirements: it must be able to cope with the dust and dirt of cars entering and leaving the car park. But high humidity and splash water must not harm the lights either.

In addition, they should function as maintenance-free as possible to save effort and costs as far as possible.

On the other hand, the light in a parking garage should be bright enough to give a feeling of security.

Under no circumstances should the lights be allowed to dazzle, as this increases the risk of accidents many times over. 

Continuous line lighting systems are ideal for car parks because their flat design means that they can be mounted under the ceiling to save space.

The "REDOX" model from the manufacturer WASCO is available as a practical complete set with a choice of low or wide beam. It is very easy to install without tools.

  • outstanding photometric and electrotechnical values
  • ball protection tested
  • can be combined with sensors or light management systems
  • "Made in Germany"
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

The "STAR CLICK" model from EiKO offers the excellent lighting solution for your car park as a low-cost alternative. You will find the basic and extension set of the high-quality industrial light with us.

  • glare-free, homogeneous light
  • high light efficiency
  • simple, tool-free installation
  • long service life
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

Robust damp-proof luminaire for cellar and garage

In the private sector, too, robust moisture-proof luminaires are recommended in certain areas. 

Premises such as garages or cellars are often exposed to an increased amount of dirt. In addition, increased humidity and constantly changing temperatures often cause the luminaires problems.

In order to guarantee flicker-free and fast light, it is worthwhile using modern LED technology

This also has the advantage of high energy efficiency and a long service life.

The "Base" Model from the quality manufacturer ZALUX is ideally suited for use at low mounting heights. Can be fastened either with mounting springs or by means of a triangle for suspension under the ceiling (both included in the scope of delivery)

  • robust against dust and moisture 
  • impact resistant
  • high quality materials 
  • optimum light distribution

You will find an inexpensive alternative in the LED waterproof luminaire from WELOOM. It is suitable for wall, ceiling and suspended mounting and thus offers an excellent solution for your garage, cellar or utility rooms.

  • wall mounting horizontal and vertical possible
  • anti-theft device sold separately
  • adjustable rated luminous flux (3800-5500 lm)
  • also suitable for covered outdoor areas (carports etc.)

The ideal luminaire for entrance areas, staircases, corridors and sanitary facilities.

Luminaires installed in entrance areas, stairwells or sanitary facilities and changing rooms need to have adequate IP protection. This guarantees perfect functioning despite unusual conditions (high humidity, changing temperatures...)

In addition, the luminaires have to fulfil a technical design aspect. Especially in entrance areas they give a first impression of your application area. 

Therefore we recommend the use of modern and simple bulk heads.

The "SURFACE BULKHEAD" from LEDVANCE is a robust wall and ceiling lamp. Thanks to its modern but quiet design it fits perfectly into corridors, passages, underpasses, etc. 

  • impact resistant (suitable for use in public areas)
  • optionally available with built-in sensor
  • through-wiring possible
  • upgradeable with clip-on cover rings in various designs
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

The bulkheads of the WELOOM BASIC series offer a favourable alternative. With IP65 protection, they are ideal for installation in rooms where moisture occurs or in covered outdoor areas that are not exposed to general weathering.

  • wall and ceiling mounting
  • impact resistant (suitable for use in public areas)
  • warm white colour temperature for friendly light

Your luminaires need to withstand more?

Discover our EX-protected lights according to ATEX directive. They are suitable for use in hazardous areas. These include paint shops, carpentry shops or petrol stations.