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LED Wall-Mounted Luminaires 

LED wall lights serve numerous purposes. Therefore, they are suitable for any space. We'll explain which wall light you need for your interiors and what you need to consider when choosing and installing them. 

The right wall light for every room 

 Which luminaire you need for your walls depends largely on your ideas and the characteristics of your working and living areas. 

For living areas where pleasant light is preferred, wall luminaires that emit their light indirectly are the best choice. In this way, they act as a visual highlight and create a great atmosphere - also as a space-saving alternative to floor lamps. To create atmospheric light, wall luminaires with warm white bulbs fit the bill. 

LED wall luminaires in hallways or stairwells create smart and bright general lighting. Combined with motion sensor, this solution brings even more safety and energy efficiency. This is especially practical and affordable for public buildings. At the same time, the mostly flat design looks modern and unobtrusive. 

In offices or medical practices, LED wall luminaires are the ideal complement to ceiling luminaires. This is especially true in rooms where there is a lack of natural light through windows. In such applications where performance is important, daylight white light is the way to go. 

If you want to install wall lights in sanitary facilities, storage areas or basements, they must be resistant to moisture and dust. To what extent wall lights are suitable for your application, you can see from the IP protection. 

Application areas of LED wall luminaires at a glance: 

✓ Wall luminaires for living areas 

✓ Wall luminaires for public buildings 

✓ Wall luminaires for corridors and foyers 

✓ Wall luminaires for business premises 

✓ Wall luminaires for medical practices and waiting rooms 

✓ Wall luminaires for hotels 

✓ Wall luminaires for sanitary areas 

✓ Wall luminaires for storage and basement areas 

LED wall lights with extras 

Cool features make wall lighting even more flexible and practical. Dimmable LED wall luminaires, for example, offer ambience and coziness on demand. If they are also color-adjustable, there are virtually no limits to your creativity when playing with lighting effects. 

Wall lights with motion detectors are particularly practical. This often does not have to be installed separately. Many models are already available with an integrated sensor. 

The trend is towards smart lighting control. Your wall lamps should be in no way inferior to this. Many models can be easily integrated into your existing system with suitable accessories. You can control them conveniently via smartphone and even simulate your presence by switching on the light every now and then.

Installing wall lighting simply and safely 

When installing all lighting, always call on the expertise of trained professionals. Especially when installing on walls, there is a risk of damaging existing wiring. Electricity is dangerous to life. 

All of our lighting fixtures come with installation instructions that must be followed for safe and successful commissioning. If these instructions are lost, our lighting experts are always available to help and advise you. 

In principle, wall luminaires should be mounted slightly above eye level. This way you achieve glare-free light emission without disturbing shadows. 

In our store you will find LED wall lights for various purposes. Even models that are suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting.