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Uniform, bright light without glare is important in workshops. This allows employees to work in a concentrated and safe manner. Thanks to modern LED technology, the lighting is extremely efficient and durable. You benefit from economical light with excellent photometric values. Particularly popular are continuous-row lighting systems that can be combined with a smart light management system if desired.

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When it comes to lighting in warehouses, one thing is most important: uniform, bright illumination in aisles and shelves. After all, well-lit warehouses not only reduce the error rate in your business, they also ensure adequate safety for your employees. Robust high bay or continuous row systems are particularly popular.

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Lighting in offices and medical practices serves the well-being and health of employees and patients. Bright, glare-free light with excellent color rendering is just as important as the right color temperature. Particularly innovative is a modern HCL lighting control system that uses light to imitate the natural course of the sun, thus focusing on people.

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There are several aspects to consider when it comes to the right retail lighting. An inviting entrance area, bright ambient lighting and targeted product lighting have been proven to have a positive effect on customers' propensity to buy. 

LED is not only worthwhile in terms of efficiency and longevity. Accent and ambient lighting can also be implemented flexibly and easily.

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In some commercial areas there is a risk of explosion due to certain critical mixtures. These can be flammable gases or flammable dusts. The ATEX directives stipulate the highest safety and explosion protection for the operation of electronic devices in such environments. With us you will find suitable luminaires for each of the six EX zones.

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Continuous row lighting provides uniform, bright light without glare in woodworking plants. Thanks to modern LED technology, the lighting is extremely durable and efficient. This means you benefit from economical light with excellent photometric values. 

This ensures even more energy efficiency and maximum convenience in operation.

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Discover more commercial areas where you can create an efficient lighting solution quickly and easily with our free, no-obligation lighting calculation.

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Frequently asked questions about light planning and light calculation

What is a lighting calculation/lighting design?

Every industry and every workplace has its own lighting requirements. With a lighting calculation, we determine the number of luminaires and luminaire positioning for standard-compliant light in your application. Among other things, this concerns the optimal illuminance (lux) and the glare rating (UGR).

How does a light calculation work?

Our light calculation is usually done in three steps.
First, you fill out the light calculation form. The more information you provide (type of application, room dimensions, special requirements, pictures and plans of your application and individual wishes), the more precise and individual we can design your lighting plan.
After receiving the information, we create your online light calculation with professional software, which takes the requirements for your lighting and determines a plan based on the selected luminaires. This contains placement recommendations and suggestions for suitable luminaire models, taking into account legal requirements and your individual ideas.
The last step is to order and install your new lighting. In addition to the lighting design, you will receive an unbeatable offer, which you can order directly. The products will be sent to you immediately (also directly to your application or construction site). Now you only have to contact your electrician for installation and you can soon enjoy your optimal, healthy and individual new lighting 😊

What are the advantages of a light calculation?

Professional lighting design guarantees perfect light in all rooms of your application - from hall lighting and warehouse lighting to corridor and office lighting. Appropriate standards are taken into account, as are your personal preferences. Benefit from our experience and save yourself the trouble of having to take care of your lighting concept yourself.
We plan your new lighting with efficient and durable LED lights, so that you can massively reduce electricity costs, benefit from sustainable light in the long term and are assured of excellent photometric values. In addition, high-quality LEDs reduce the maintenance factor of your lighting systems. This saves time and money.
Based on the results of the lighting calculation, we create an individual and manufacturer-independent offer - of course taking into account your wishes and favorite brands.

How long does a light calculation take?

You will usually receive our lighting design and a quote tailored to your application within 24 hours (weekdays).

Is a lighting calculation possible for a new construction project?

Of course, we also calculate and plan the lighting for your new buildings. The more information you give us about your project, the more detailed we can create your ideal lighting solution.

When is a light calculation mandatory?

Many industries have legal requirements regarding lighting, which are defined in the workplace directive DIN EN 12464-1. Lighting standards and safety-relevant aspects must often be complied with and result in specifications regarding illuminance (lux) or glare value (UGR). Professional lighting design is then indispensable. This is the only way to create standard-compliant and safe light in your application.

Which legal requirements are taken into account in a lighting calculation?

Different industries and activities have their own requirements for the right light. Appropriate lighting ensures the health, performance and safety of employees. Legal standards (workplace directive DIN EN 12464-1) regulate the lighting requirements of different applications.
On the one hand, this concerns illuminance, which is specified in lux. While warehouse areas get by with 300 lux, office workplaces, for example, are illuminated with at least 500 lux. Work areas for precision work must even have up to 1500 lux.
In addition, the light must not cause glare under any circumstances. The glare rating is given in UGR (Unified Glare Rating) between 10 and 30. The lower the value, the lower the direct and indirect glare of workplace lighting.

Can a lighting management system be included in a lighting calculation?

Automatically controlled or smart light provides comfort and increased safety in many applications. Of course, we plan automatic lighting control on request. So you get the complete lighting solution for your project from a single source.

Are personal preferences taken into account in the light calculation?

Of course, we include your wishes and ideas in our light calculation. Therefore, it is advantageous if you fill out the form as detailed as possible. For questions and queries, you are welcome to contact our lighting experts personally.

How much does a light calculation cost?

We offer our light calculation for the professional sector without obligation and free of charge. Private customers pay 149,90€, which will be 100% refunded if the order is placed.
What are you waiting for?

What does the WATT24 light calculation contain?

You will usually receive the results of your personal lighting design within 24 hours. These include recommendations regarding the number and positioning of your new luminaires. You will also receive an unbeatable offer from WATT24. You can order this directly and easily and have it delivered immediately to your home or project.

Why a lighting design with WATT24?

The lighting experts at WATT24 offer the complete package of lighting design. From the optimal planning to the exclusive offer and the fast delivery of all lighting components, everything is included. So you get everything from a single source and save time and planning stress.
We usually offer quotation and shipping within 24 hours each. Secure your new lighting in the shortest possible time and let your application shine in a new light.