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Your advantages of light optimization

Why you should upgrade
your application

Save energy
High quality LED lighting is very energy efficient and durable. Electricity costs and effort will be noticeably reduced.
Light quality
LED delivers outstanding light quality and flexibility. No annoying flickering and that with the best, freely selectable light values.
The better energy balance protects the environment and resources. In addition, old LEDs can be recycled for the most part.
RoHS Directive
The 2023 ban on fluorescent lamps makes conversion to modern LED technology unavoidable.

Many paths to the goal

We help you find the best renovation solution
for your business

Refurbish existing lighting system
Convert with LED-retrofit
Luminaire in luminaire
New electrical system with LED-Retrofit
New LED lighting system

Expert tip

Unfortunately, there is no universal refurbishment solution. We will help you find the best variant for the LED conversion of your application. Simply fill out the form and together we will find the best way to an efficient and long-lasting LED lighting system.

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Why should companies upgrade to LED?

LED lighting brings many advantages. Companies can significantly reduce previous energy and maintenance costs with LED, so that the costs of refurbishment are quickly amortised. In addition, applications with LED lighting systems benefit from excellent light quality. Last but not least, high-quality LED light increases the well-being and productivity of employees.

Who should upgrade to LED lighting?

In principle, refurbishing existing, outdated lighting systems is always worthwhile. LED retrofitting is particularly profitable for companies that:

  • operate luminaires with old light sources (halogen / HQL / T5 / T8 / compact fluorescent lamp) 
  • have applications with long lighting times (>8h)
  • operate high-maintenance lighting systems with a short service life
  • have little daylight incidence

Is the existing lighting system suitable for LED conversion?

Most lights can be easily converted to LED. LED retrofits offer the easiest replacement for your conventional lighting system. However, when replacing, you need to pay attention to the type of control gear: while CCG and CCG usually allow for a simple replacement of the tube and starter, the ECG usually requires rewiring.
Furthermore, the lighting can be renewed by means of a new electrical device. In this case, the old luminaire body is retained and a new, efficient LED luminaire is placed in it.
Finally, there is the possibility of converting the entire lighting system to LED. We will be happy to advise you in choosing the perfect renovation solution for you.

LED conversion or new lighting system?

The decision as to whether the lighting system is merely retrofitted or completely renewed is highly individual and depends on the desired objectives. Energy savings are already achieved when the old luminaires are retrofitted. In addition, this option is the most cost-effective. However, if you want to improve the illumination of your facility or if your old luminaires are already getting on in years, we recommend the complete renewal of the lighting system.
We will be happy to help you choose the right sawing method for your application.