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Exterior luminaires with motion detectors 

Installing outdoor lighting with motion detectors around your home or business makes sense not only for practical reasons. We explain what you need to consider and which models are suitable for your application. 

Advantages of outdoor lights with sensor 

Convenience: in many cases, automated outdoor lighting saves you a trip to the nearest light switch. Especially wall lights outside are often not close to the circuit. In combination with motion sensors, your outdoor areas are brightly illuminated exactly when you are there. 

Efficiency: your outdoor luminaires only switch on when the light is actually needed. Continuous light is no longer necessary. This is economical in terms of energy costs and at the same time protects the environment. 

Safety: outdoor lamps with motion detectors provide protection in two respects. Firstly, you avoid the risk of accidents due to poor illumination of trip hazards or similar. Thus, path lights with sensor guide you safely through your outdoor areas or your garden. On the other hand, sudden bright light has a deterrent effect on potential burglars. 

Visibility: there is no second chance for the first impression. Automatically switched lamps provide brightness as soon as someone enters your property. This way, you don't leave your visitors or customers in the dark and give them a chance to get their bearings. 

LED sensor luminaires 

Outdoor luminaires with integrated motion detectors are particularly suitable. There is no need to install a separate sensor. This saves a lot of work and effort. However, if you decide to install a separate motion detector for your outdoor luminaires, the location and angle of detection are crucial. Cleverly placed, you can use a motion sensor to switch all your lighting around the house and yard. 

Sensor outdoor lights for different areas 

Outdoor luminaires with motion sensors are suitable for many applications: 

In many cases, outdoor wall lights with motion sensors save you from having to walk through the darkness to the nearest light switch. In the commercial sector, such lighting helps your employees and customers to find their way around easily. 

Automatically switched path lighting also helps enormously with orientation on your premises. In addition, safe lighting of your paths and driveways helps you avoid potential accidents. 

Entrance lighting with sensor technology not only benefits your visitors. Many outdoor lights for the front door are also equipped with a camera. So you won't miss any visitors, whether wanted or unwanted. 

The right angle of detection 

To ensure that the sensors of your LED outdoor luminaires register every desired movement, you should think about the required detection range beforehand. While 90° is sufficient at the entrance, you should choose at least 240° for the installation at the corner of the house. This way, the motion sensor for your outdoor lights reliably detects both walls of the house. A single wall is sufficiently covered with 180°. 

Sensor lights with camera 

For maximum security, combine a motion sensor with a camera. As soon as someone enters your entrance area, the light switches on and you can immediately check whether the guest is wanted. The XLED Cam from Steinel is particularly innovative and practical. With an additionally installed intercom system, you get the complete package for your secure entrance lighting. 

Sensor outdoor lights with solar 

Lights with motion sensors and solar technology are particularly efficient. For this variant you don't need any electricity at all, so you don't have to do any wiring. For optimal charging, the lights should be placed so that they are directly illuminated by the sun. LED outdoor lamps ensure that the battery lasts all night. 

In our online store you can find sensor-controlled outdoor lighting from various manufacturers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our lighting experts.