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Your advantages of light optimization

Your company can do more,
you will be amazed

More concentration, more output
Light improves well-being and work performance and makes work more efficient and safer
Save cocts with LED conversion
Efficient and durable LED lighting will noticeably reduce your energy costs.
What goes around comes around
Often annoying and non-transparent. We tell you how to do it right. Set up professionally today and stay stress-free in the long term.
An end to tedious exchacnging
Conventional light sources are maintenance-intensive and have to be replaced often. With LED you save stress and costs.

DIN EN 12464

Your company must meet
these requirements

Easy visual tasks
Storage areas and simple repairs
Moderate visual tasks
Coarser operations such as thread cutting
Demanding visual tasks
Precise assembly and surface control
Finest visual tasks
Special case paint service

Expert tip

Universal lighting is not the right thing for your automotive workshop. We recommend a flexible lighting concept consisting of individual solutions for each workplace and each activity. Our lighting experts will calculate for you individually what such a solution looks like for your business.

Light calculation


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Concentrate on your business, your lighting expert will calculate the optimal combination of devices for you.
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More Information


What are the legal requirements for automotive workshop lighting?

According to the European standard DIN EN 12464-1, there are minimum requirements for your automotive workshop lighting that relate to illuminance. The legislator decides between different working areas of your business: 

  • Storage areas and workshops (general car service such as repairs and inspections): 300 lux
  • Coarser activities (thread cutting): 500 lux 
  • Fine assembly work, work on the car surface and painting work: 750 lux 

Tip: A high color rendering index (CRI >80) is required, especially for activities on the car surface. 

What are the advantages of LEDs in automotive workshop lighting?

Modern LED lighting in brings more than energy-efficient and economical light to your automotive workshop. You also benefit from a long service life and excellent photometric values. This means bright, uniform lighting with absolutely no glare. In addition, LED lights have excellent color rendering similar to daylight. This is particularly important for painting work or touching up surfaces, so that no unpleasant surprises await you in daylight.

Which lighting is best for my automotive workshop?

LED strip lighting offers an excellent choice when it comes to bright, wide-area illumination of large shop floors. Different lumen packages offer flexibility in terms of individual illumination of different work areas. High-bay luminaires are also ideal for use in auto repair shops. Depending on the application, the robust highbays are available with wide or narrow beams and with countless different versions in terms of light quantity (lumens).

What IP protection do the lights in my auto repair shop need?

In rugged applications such as an auto repair or inspection shop, the protection factor the luminaires provide is of tremendous importance. The luminaires should be equipped with a sufficiently high IP protection factor due to the increased incidence of dust and moisture or splash water. IP54 is the minimum requirement for durable automotive workshop lighting.
Paint booths even require explosion-proof lighting to avoid hazards caused by flammable gases. 

Is smart lighting control worthwhile in my automotive workshop?

Combining workshop lighting with sensor technology or smart control has many advantages. For one thing, energy efficiency is increased enormously. Accidentally leaving the light on can be prevented. In addition, smart lighting provides increased convenience. You are spared unnecessary trips to the light switch, and you can also adjust the light color or brightness to your liking.