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Efficient LED Lighting for Car Workshops and Test Centres

In a car workshop or car test centre, a wide variety of tasks are involved: 

Work on lifting platforms, fine assembly work on engine blocks, rough repair work, tyre changes, tests Therefore, in a workshop you will usually find both lifting platforms and areas for larger work, as well as workbenches that allow for finer work. In addition, there are inside storage areas and also outside storage areas, some have their own painting cabins. All these areas have to be equipped with suitable lighting that meets the requirements of the respective needs. 

These requirements can be differentiated between legal and individual requirements. The legal requirements describe what has to be observed or complied with in terms of lighting, for example in terms of any protection factors or minimum illuminance. The individual requirements, on the other hand, define personal demands, for example the integration of a lighting management system, the highest possible efficiency, as well as the ability to install the lighting quickly.

Legal & Individual Requirements

Very special legal regulations apply to car garages when it comes to light and brightness. Here you can find out what these are. 


Illuminance, measured in "lux", is prescribed by law for most commercial applications. Different lux values apply for different areas of activity. The values stated refer to the amount of light reaching the ground. They thus influence how many luminaires need to be mounted on the ceiling to provide the desired amount of light on the floor. 

In the workshop, where general car servicing, such as repair work and inspections, is carried out, there should be at least 300 lux. For finer work on the car surface or painting work, 750 lux should be present. In addition, the highest possible colour rendering index (CRI >80) is required. 

The specifications for work on the workbench are somewhat different. For finer assembly work, 750 lux is required, and 500 lux for coarser work such as thread cutting and the like. 

In storage areas, 300 lux illuminance is sufficient.

Protection against dust and water

The protection factor of the lights is of enormous importance in a robust application such as in a car workshop. Due to the increased occurrence of dust and moisture, the lights should be equipped with a higher IP protection. IP54 is a good choice to be optimally protected against environmental influences.

High Efficiency & Long Life

The protection factor of the lights is of enormous importance in a robust application such as in a car workshop. Due to the increased occurrence of dust and moisture, the lights should be equipped with a higher IP protection. IP54 is a good choice for optimum protection against environmental influences, and modern luminaires with new LED technology can achieve higher efficiencies and thus lower overall energy consumption. In terms of energy costs, they therefore offer a significant advantage over conventional luminaires with halogen or fluorescent technology. But the efficiency also differs within LED lights: high-quality lights usually have significantly better efficiencies than those of low-cost suppliers. Investment pays off, because especially in the long run the efficiency of a luminaire has a high influence on the total costs of lighting.

Particularly with investments that have a high value, it is important that they last a long time and function as maintenance-free as possible. LED lights have a significantly longer service life than conventional lights. They can be operated for up to 50,000 hours, whereas conventional lights usually only last around 20,000 hours. 

With an average operating time of 8 hours per day, 5 days a week, weekends, holidays and public holidays excluded (i.e. with about 220 operating days per year), the lights last almost 30 years.

Choosing the Right Lights

Continuous line luminaires are suitable for lighting a car workshop. As the name suggests, this term is used to describe lights that are arranged directly next to each other and can thus illuminate halls and large rooms particularly evenly and over a large area. In terms of mounting height, continuous lilne luminaires are also designed for use in halls or workshops.

Thanks to different lumen packages, different areas can be individually illuminated depending on the light requirements. This makes it possible to create uniform lighting that is tailored to the requirements of the individual work areas.

Perfect Products for your Car Workshop

We have selected products for you, which are ideally suited for the respective application areas in your car workshop. We give a four-year guarantee on all products. In addition, we provide tips for quick and easy installation on our YouTube channel.

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For your Workshop Lighting

Fluctuating ceiling heights as well as exposure to dust, flying sparks and moisture present special challenges for your workshop lighting. We guarantee that we can help you with the right components.
Continuous row or Highbay luminaires are suitable for illuminating large assembly halls. These are very robust and easy to install.
We recommend the combination with sensor technology or Casambi, so that the light comes on as soon as movement is detected or can be controlled smartly and conveniently by radio button. This way you profit from immense energy cost savings.
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