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Pendant luminaires

Pendant lamps have been very popular for decades. And this is not surprising, so the modern classics always adapt to the current design trends. The classic shade, which pendulates down from the ceiling, now counts countless variants in its family. 

Advantages of pendant lights

Multi-talent: The chic ceiling lights are suitable for both living and working areas. They serve as eye-catchers with which you can set decorative highlights. But the flexible pendant lamps are also suitable for basic lighting. 

Flexibility: The height at which you hang the lights is up to you - depending on your expectations of brightness and light cone. Also, whether your pendant light hangs above a table or a design object or freely, plays a role in the mounting height. After all, nobody wants to bump their head. 

Different designs: Pendant lights are available in all imaginable colors, shapes and sizes. You have free choice. 

Modern LED technology: LED technology provides the highest flexibility in terms of light. So you can equip your pendant light with illuminants that are dimmable. Regarding the color of light, light emitting diodes also offer maximum variability. Warm white light for living areas to daylight or neutral white for the correct illumination of your workplace. In addition, LEDs ensure maximum energy efficiency and a long service life.