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T5 fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent tubes with G5 base are low-pressure gas discharge lamps that are suitable for numerous applications and are especially popular for illuminated advertising installations or in the private sector. T5 tubes are slightly narrower in diameter and always 5 centimetres shorter than classic T8 fluorescent tubes.
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By using the T8-T5 adapter (G13-G5 socket) for your fluorescent lamp you will save a lot…

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The efficient dimmable T5 fluorescent lamp HO 49W / 840 FLH1 by OSRAM with 840 color and…

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Osram PURITEC disinfection lamp HNS 4W G5 (T5), can be operated with the following ECG fr…

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T5 Fluorescent Tubes - General Information

T5 tubes have a diameter of 16 millimetres and are available in a maximum length of 1449 millimetres. The length of the T5 fluorescent tube always depends on the wattage (T5 tubes with 4 watts are the smallest with 136 mm and with 32, 35, 49, 73 or 80 watts with 1449 mm the largest representatives of this category).

Do I need an electronic ballast for my fluorescent tube?

While T5 fluorescent tubes do not need a starter, they operate with a control gear. The electronic ballast not only guarantees the efficient operation of fluorescent lamps, it also ensures a flicker-free start and a long service life. However, the matching electronic ballast is often already integrated in the lamp, so you don't have to do any extra work or go to any extra trouble. In our shop, you will find the lamps in different lengths and wattages, with or without integrated electronic ballast.

If you have any questions about the different versions, please contact us.


T5 tubes: Lengths and wattage

The length of a T5 fluorescent tube is determined by the wattage:

4 W 136 mm
6 W 212 mm
8 W 288 mm
13 W 517 mm
14 / 24 W 549 mm
21 / 39 W 849 mm
25 / 28 / 50 / 54 W       1149 mm
32 / 35 / 49 / 80 W 1449 mm

How does a T5 fluorescent tube work?

The inside of the tube is coated with a fluorescent material, the glass tube contains a noble gas and mercury. A mercury vapour discharge in the tube wall spreads UV radiation, with which the phosphor provides brightness.

The inert gas serves to facilitate ignition under a certain pressure - because fluorescent lamps have some difficulty with this at low temperatures.

Inserting T5 fluorescent tubes into the luminaire

Inserting the T5 lamps into the luminaire is child's play. The tube is simply pushed into the G5 inserts on both sides of the luminaire and fastened with a quarter turn. You can check that the tube is firmly in place by gently pulling on it. The tube can be removed in the same way: a quarter turn to loosen and remove.

Replace T5 tubes with LED

Last but not least, the ban on fluorescent lamps, which provides for the production stop of T5 tubes in August 2023, makes a conversion to LED tubes interesting. In most cases, the change can be made without any problems - there is a suitable replacement lamp for most T5 tubes - old lamp out, new LED in. However, light colour and wattage must be taken into account to achieve the desired result. You benefit immediately from the electricity savings and excellent lighting technology that LEDs bring - without having to replace your old luminaire. 

Read our guide for 7 tips on how to easily switch from fluorescent to LED.

You want to switch from fluorescent lamps to LEDs? With our practical retrofit product table, you can find the right 1:1 replacement for your T5 lamp in just a few clicks.

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Buy T5 fluorescent tubes at WATT24

In our shop you will find a large selection of T5 tubes from various renowned manufacturers.

The tubes are available in different power levels and with different colour temperatures so that you are guaranteed to find the right light source for your application.