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Gira - switches, socket outlets & technology

The German company is one of the leading manufacturers of home system technology and electrical installation technology. The supplier is known for high-quality and visually appealing products in the field of socket outlets, switches and home technology, and its sophisticated product portfolio enables complete, high-quality and reliable home and building installations.

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Art.-Nr.: 18842
SCHUKO-Steckdose 16 A 250 V~ Grau Hinweise : Mit erhöhtem Anpressdruck des Erdungsbügels…

€9.17 net €7.71

Shipping in 3 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 10600
Einsatz Wippschalter 10 AX 250 V~ Universal- Aus-Wechselschalter Hinweise : Auch beleucht…

€6.34 net €5.33

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 445828
Schutzkontaktsteckdose (Typ F) 16 A 250 V~ mit Aufdruck &quotEDV&quot System 55 Anthrazit…

€6.94 net €5.83

Shipping in 7 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 29628
Wippe Anthrazit Hinweise : Abdeckrahmen (1- bis 5fach) aus den Schalterprogrammen Standar…

€3.30 net €2.77

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 49810
Verlängerungskralle für Unterputz-Geräte Merkmale: Zur Montage in Wände mit starker Putza…

€0.89 net €0.75

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 29440
Abdeckung und Wippe 2fach mit Pfeilsymbol ReinweißTechnische Datentr:nth-child(odd){backg…

€9.47 net €7.96

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 445428
Schutzkontaktsteckdose (Typ F) 16 A 250 V~ mit Klappdeckel System 55 Anthrazit Hinweise :…

€11.59 net €9.74

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 21105
Abdeckrahmen Gira Esprit Glas Schwarz 1fachTechnische Datentr:nth-child(odd){background-c…

€30.84 net €25.92

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 245928
Schutzkontakt-Steckdose 16 A 250 V~ mit Shutter und USB-Spannungsversorgung 2fach Typ A T…

€60.31 net €50.68

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 12500
Einsatz Tastschalter 10 AX 250 V~ 2fach SerienschalterTechnische Datentr:nth-child(odd){b…

€15.35 net €12.90

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 245100
Einsatz Netzwerk-Anschlussdose Cat.6A 1fach Schneidklemmtechnik Merkmale: Abgeschirmte Ne…

€19.33 net €16.24

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 29603
Wippe Reinweiß glänzend Hinweise : Abdeckrahmen (1- bis 5fach) aus den Schalterprogrammen…

€2.58 net €2.17

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 15100
Einsatz Wipptaster 10 AX 250 V~ Schließer 1-polig Hinweise : Auch beleuchtet anschließbar…

€7.14 net €6.00

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 21129
Abdeckrahmen Gira E2 Reinweiß glänzend 1fach Merkmale: Bruchsicher. Hinweise : Auch für K…

€4.64 net €3.90

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 99400
Beleuchtungselement für Lichtsignal Glühlampe 230 V~ (ähnlich E14) 13 mA Hinweise : Geeig…

€4.44 net €3.73

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 78130
SCHUKO-Doppelsteckdose 16 A 250 V~ waagerecht mit Klappdeckel GrauTechnische Datentr:nth-…

€20.37 net €17.12

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 21222
Abdeckrahmen Gira E2 Reinweiß seidenmatt 2fach Merkmale: Bruchsicher. Hinweise : Auch für…

€6.37 net €5.35

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 92042
Abdeckung für SCHUKO-Steckdose 16 A 250 V~ GrauTechnische Datentr:nth-child(odd){backgrou…

€7.16 net €6.02

Shipping in 7 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 211723
Abdeckrahmen Gira Event Klar Weiß mit Zwischenrahmen Reinweiß glänzend 1fach Merkmale: Br…

€8.62 net €7.24

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 14003
Hotel-Card-Schalter 10 AX 250 V~ beleuchtbar mit Beschriftungsfeld Wechsler 1-polig Reinw…

€49.52 net €41.61

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 149300
Fernfühler Schwarz Merkmale: Fernfühler mit 4 m Zuleitung (2 x 0,5 mm 2), verlängerbar au…

€20.81 net €17.49

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 270228
Abdeckung für Raumtemperaturregler mit Kontrolllicht System 55 AnthrazitTechnische Datent…

€8.43 net €7.08

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 247400
Einsatz Raumtemperaturregler 230 V~ 10 A mit Schließer, Kontrolllicht und Sensor für elek…

€78.38 net €65.87

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 130201
Taster 10 AX 250 V~ mit gerade stehender Wippe Wechsler 1-polig Reinweiß glänzendTechnisc…

€12.29 net €10.33

Immediately available

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Great advice and friendly service. I was helped immediately and competently with any questions. Gladly again.

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Office Manager from Frankfurt a.M.

Goods are well packaged and arrive safely, which is important to me. My mail was answered immediately. 

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Had to replace a lamp, but the same was no longer available. Great advice, found a suitable replacement and delivered it quickly.

Light expert info

Gira - the company

Founded in 1905 by the Giersiepen brothers in Wuppertal, the company has been involved in the manufacture of light switches and products for electrical installations in buildings from the very beginning. In 1912, the rapidly growing company moved to Radevormwald, where the company headquarters are still located today.
Radevormwald also coined the name "Gira", which is a combination of the first letters of the family name and the location, and was given to the company in 1964.

Nowadays, everyone who thinks of Gira thinks of socket outlets and switches. Yet Gira stands for much more. Innovative smart home solutions enable all building installations and automations that end customers desire. Gira scores with outstanding quality and efficient and convenient solutions. 

Info: Gira has received the "German Traditional Brand" award several times.

Gira - product diversity

Gira scores with an extraordinary variety of products in the field of electrical installation technology and building system technology. The company convinces with quality, innovation and versatile design: 

  • Switches & Socket Outlets -
  • Light control & Smart Home 
  • Blind control 
  • Door intercoms 
  • Security (alarm/fire alarm technology) 
  • and much more

Buy Gira products

In our WATT24 store you will find a large selection of popular Gira products. In addition to the outstanding Gira quality, you will benefit from numerous other advantages when you buy from our store: 

  • Wide selection: WATT24 offers an exceptionally wide range of products, so you're guaranteed to find the ideal solution for your application. 
  • Fast shipping: WATT24 takes care of fast and reliable shipping of your goods. Your order will be processed immediately upon receipt and shipped as quickly as possible to your home or directly to your construction site. 
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