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Who we are 

WATT24 is your lighting expert for everything to do with professional lighting. 

With quality products from renowned manufacturers, we offer tailor-made solutions for each of your lighting projects. To ensure this, our product range includes everything you need for your lighting, from practical accessories and replacements, to decorative light, to robust lamps for your extreme applications. 

Our diversity, exceptional service and the possibility of purchasing small quantities even of small parts make us a unique wholesaler of electrotechnical and electronic components.

Not only do we have the right products for your application, but we can also advise you on all your needs. With our free and non-binding light calculation you will receive the perfect planning for the conversion or the creation of standard-compliant and individually adapted lighting for your lighting projects within the shortest time. 

In addition, you will always find help in our live chat and on our YouTube channel if you have questions regarding suitable products or their correct installation. 

We have world-leading companies at our side with whom we work together to realise ideal lighting concepts as simply and efficiently as possible - for everyone.

What we stand for

Environmental protection, integration and responsibility: Ordering with a clear conscience - every order includes environmental protection and social responsibility!

So tomorrow we still have an environment...

...we ship each of our packages carbon neutral.

Normally, CO2 is also produced to a large extent when sending parcels. Vehicles have to be moved, sorting centres heated and computers supplied with energy. Our partner DPD has now succeeded in compensating the emission of the climate-damaging CO2 through innovative climate protection measures (with the help of CDC Climat).

With this "total zero principle" DPD is setting standards in terms of climate protection.

We also avoid the use of plastic and difficult-to-recycle materials in shipping wherever possible. Where possible we reuse existing packaging or use eco-packaging material.

Living environmental protection is not that difficult!

Anyone can afford integration...

...which is why we are committed not only to environmental protection but also to the integration of people with disabilities. People with disabilities work in our camp. Our colleagues are individually supported and promoted as a team by the Caritas Werkstätten Arnsberg and by WATT24.

Our concept is not only successful (we have been able to transfer colleagues to the job market), but has also already earned us the Deichmann Förderpreis (2nd place) in 2014.

With every order at WATT24 you give people with disabilities a perspective!

Companies bear social responsibility...

...and in order to do justice to this, we have adopted the "Code of Conduct for Social Responsibility" of the ZVEI - German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) signed.

What does this mean?

In doing so, we are committed to complying with all laws and actively fighting against any discrimination, environmental pollution, harassment and unilateral restriction of rights. It is a matter of course for us to sign this document.

Support this action actively and help to reduce social grievances!

WATT24 - Awards and honors

In 2021, we were already able to secure the European Search Award as the best in-house team in the field of marketing. Click here to see the winners.

In 2022, we were named by "BILD" as one of Germany's favorites in the lamp store category. Here you can find the ranking.

"DEUTSCHLAND TEST" has included us in the ranking of the best online stores in the category Lamps & Lighting in 2022. Read more.

"DIE WELT" has chosen us as the price champion in lamp stores in 2022. Find out more here.