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For more than 110 years, Osram has been a world-renowned manufacturer of lighting products. The product range includes intelligent lighting solutions for building automation as well as applications based on semiconductor technology. Founded in 1906 in Berlin, the focus was on the traditional incandescent lamp. Thus, the name is composed of the then common materials of the filament - osmium and tungsten. Today, the company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and its strategic focus is on providing lighting technologies and semiconductor technologies. This includes lighting management systems consisting of a program control unit (pcu) and luminaires connected to it for simple control and programming of complex lighting solutions. Osram employs more than 32,000 people worldwide.
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Art.-Nr.: 4008321863300
Advantages Compact housing Auto restart after lamp replacement  Application areas…

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Art.-Nr.: 4052899105324
The OTe 13 / 220-240 / 350 PC from the Optotronic series from OSRAM is an electronic bal…

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321537065
Automatic restart after relamping Lamp start with optimum filament preheating For use in…

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Art.-Nr.: 4050300638560
Compact housing, Auto restart after lamp replacement, Automatic safety shutdown of lamp d…

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Art.-Nr.: 4050300638584
Compact housingAuto restart after lamp replacementAutomatic safety shutdown of lamp defec…

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321873729
The 1-channel electronic ballast QTP-OPTIMAL 1X54...58 for TC-L, T5 and T8 lamps from the…

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Art.-Nr.: 4052899167896
Attribute Easy to install and flexible cable clamps Separate cable clamps for prim…

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Art.-Nr.: 4052899469594
Product family featuresDominant wavelength: 254 nm (OFR version)Product family benefitsEf…

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Art.-Nr.: 4052899488144
The intelligent and flexible electronic ballast for LED modules OTi DALI 25/220 ... 240/7…

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321329059
Automatic restart after relamping Lamp start with optimum filament preheating For use in…

€13.23 net €11.12

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321880253
The 2-channel electronic ballast QTP-OPTIMAL 2X54...58 for TC-L, T5 and T8 lamps from the…

€18.09 net €15.20

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321873743
The electronic ballast QTP-OPTIMAL 40/220-240/700 L for TC-L/F, T5 and T8 lamps from the…

€15.37 net €12.92

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321294227
Long lamp lifeHigh switching capabilityAutomatic restart after lamp replacementVDE / VDE…

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Art.-Nr.: 4050300517933
The efficient dimmable T8 fluorescent lamp L 58W/865 by OSRAM with 865 color and a nomina…

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321873927
Osram FL-ECG QT-FIT 5/8 1X18...39

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Art.-Nr.: 4052899325555
Here is some of the most important data on the EGG equipment Osram OT CABLE CLAMP F-STYLE…

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321873767
The 2-channel electronic ballast QTP-OPTIMAL 2X18...40 for TC-L/F, T5 and T8 lamps from t…

€17.60 net €14.79

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321329158
Automatic restart after relamping Lamp start with optimum filament preheating, gem for us…

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321329134
Automatic restart after relamping Lamp start with optimum filament preheating, gem for us…

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321294203
Product family benefits Long lamp life No adverse effect from frequent on/off switching A…

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Art.-Nr.: 4052899105386
The electronic ballast for LED modules OTe 25/220-240/700 PC from the Optotronic series…

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Art.-Nr.: 4050300270166
This is the product Starter für Einzelschaltung an 230 V AC 111 LONGLIFE of Osram.

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Art.-Nr.: 4052899222571
The constant current driver for LED modules OT FIT 50/220-240/250 D L from the Optotronic…

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321863324
Product family benefits Compact housing Automatic restart after lamp replacement Are…

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ams OSRAM Integration

The merger of ams AG and OSRAM Licht AG within the ams group makes the company a global leader in optical solutions.

Sensing is Life means combining light with intelligence and innovation. ams OSRAM scores with experience in production and design, passion for creating lighting solutions and global quality assurance systems. 

Around 30,000 employees worldwide are passionately engaged in innovations in the technology fields of sensors, illumination and visualization

OSRAM has already secured 15,000 patents and inspires 20,000 customers in the consumer, industrial, healthcare and automotive markets. Worth mentioning here, for example, is the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LED, the first road-approved LED retrofit lamp from the innovative manufacturer. 

OSRAM lamps for perfect light in every application

OSRAM LED lamps offer the ideal replacement for disused light sources. LED tubes of the OSRAM SubstiTUBE series, for example, replace conventional fluorescent tubes in an energy-efficient and durable way. 
But OSRAM also offers suitable replacements for conventional incandescent lamps or halogen lamps. Lamps from the Vintage range are particularly popular. These offer the classic look of incandescent bulbs and can simply be screwed into your favorite old lamp. This way you benefit from the economy and durability of modern LED technology with the familiar look. In addition, many of the light sources can be dimmed easily and offer a wide variety of light color and technology.
If you are still looking for conventional lamps, you are in the right place with OSRAM. The company still offers special lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and discharge lamps with matching sockets. You can also find UV lamps and entire UV systems for chemical-free disinfection from OSRAM. 

Lighting solutions from OSRAM

As one of the world's leading lighting manufacturers, the product range is not limited to lamps. In the field of light, OSRAM has continuously and steadily developed. In the range you will also find necessary accessories such as electronic control gear and LED drivers. In 1985, OSRAM was even the first company to integrate ECGs into the screw bases of fluorescent tubes.
OSRAM also offers sensors and light management and control systems.
As a result, the manufacturer can now supply a range of different applications with suitable lighting solutions.
OSRAM is the parent company of LEDVANCE, now one of the world's leading suppliers of general lighting, which continues to rely on quality from OSRAM in the field of LED lamps and traditional light sources.

Buy OSRAM products at watt24

Here you will find a wide selection of lamps and other products of the brand at a low price for your lighting. If you do not find what you are looking for or have any questions, our lighting experts will be happy to help.