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The WATT24 Guide

Here you can find out everything about light, lighting and electronics

Tips for optimal lighting in different rooms

Which light is best suited for which room is explained to you by the lighting experts at WATT24.

Replacing light bulbs simply and efficiently with LED

How can a replacement of the light bulb with LED be implemented without loss of brightness?


Current topics for professional lighting.

In our guide we report on LED luminaires, professional lighting management systems, LED drivers (ECG), smart home and more. 

 We also explain the most important terms related to professional lighting and lighting.

LED Streifen
Why RGBW LED-Tape is better than RGB LED-Tape

We explain the difference between RGB and RGBW LED tapes

Lampholders and bases: types and special features

We can help you with the selection of lamp sockets and bases.

Are LEDs harmful to the eyes?

LEDs are the ideal alternative to the energy-wasting light bulb and the polluting, rather unattractive energy-saving lamp. Or are they not?

To dim LED-lamps = To dim incandescent- / halogen lamps?

How do LED lamps behave compared to incandescent and halogen lamps when dimming?