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Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

HCL stands for Human Centric Lighting, i.e. lighting that puts people at the center. What exactly that means and how you can use an HCL lighting control system to ensure more concentration and motivation in your office, you can find out here and in our video.

What is Human Centric Lighting?

Light does much more than enable people to see. In addition to visual performance, light also has biological and emotional effects. This is because our bodies and our internal clocks are oriented to the course of the sun. The brightness of the morning has an activating effect, while the reddish light of the evening sun induces calm and relaxation. Human Centric Lighting makes use of this positive influence of light and optimally supports the circadian rhythm of humans.

Info: HCL means a light management system that mimics the course of the sun by constantly adjusting color temperature and illuminance, thus supporting the human bio-rhythm.

Effects of Human Centric Lighting

Dynamic lighting adapted to the biorhythm positively influences and optimally supports basic human bodily functions such as blood pressure, heartbeat and emotions. 

Human Centric Lighting thus ensures increased well-being, better performance and higher health, as the biological effectiveness of light is optimally utilized.

Advantages at a glance

  • Strengthened human biorhythm 
  • Increased performance, motivation and health 
  • Improved concentration 
  • Increased well-being 
  • Better sleep 
  • For many areas of application: Office, medical practices, retirement homes...

How Human Centric Lighting works

Circadian lighting works with dimmable LED luminaires that can emit both cool and warm white light (white-white control). The Human Centric Lighting control then composes the appropriate light color at any time of day. This gives you lighting that is adapted to the biorhythm and has a positive effect on performance and health. 

To achieve this, the color temperature and illuminance change constantly. The spectral composition of sunlight, which changes during the course of the day, is thus recreated as faithfully as possible. HCL lighting concepts start with warm white, rather dim light. In the course of the morning, the blue component and light intensity increase - people are at a peak of activity. In the afternoon, the intensity of the light decreases and the red component increases. This is the only way the human body can prepare for a restful sleep phase at night.

Areas of application for Human Centric Lighting

Basically, HCL lighting controls offer the ideal lighting solution in all indoor spaces where there is a lack of daylight and where occupants benefit from increased well-being and maximum performance: 

  • Work areas such as offices or home offices
    Employee motivation and efficiency are optimally supported, sick days and absences are minimized 
  • Educational sector such as schools or training centers
    To increase concentration and performance 
  • Healthcare sector such as medical practices or sickrooms
    A circadian light curve supports healing and has a recovery accelerating effect 
  • Private areas and home
    The general well-being is increased and the body adjusts to a natural day-night rhythm. The risk of spring fatigue or winter depression can be minimized

Human Centrig Lighting - find your suitable luminaires

HCL offers the optimal lighting solution for commercial areas. By adapting the natural course of daylight, performance, concentration and motivation are ideally promoted. In our online store you will find many products and luminaires for your circadian lighting system.
Tip: With our free and non-binding lighting design, we can create a lighting control system that meets all criteria for healthy and efficient work.

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