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Casambi: Upgrade wireless Light Control

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Casambi works with every luminaire

Lighting management systems offer convenience in lighting control coupled with high energy-saving potential.

However, it is often difficult and expensive to retrofit lighting management systems because DALI cables may need to be laid or new luminaires installed.

With the Casambi modules you can convert your lighting very simply, wirelessly. And the good thing is: it works with every luminaire!

  • Uncomplicated retrofitting of lighting management system
  • No new cabling necessary
  • Easy control via App and Bluetooth
  • Presence simulation via the gateway function

Discover the Diversity of Casambi

With Casambi you can easily control your lighting individually, wirelessly, on Bluetooth basis, conveniently via smartphone or tablet.

The compact modules are simply mounted in front of the light or behind the switch, so no extra cables need to be laid. Once installed, the small modules can be easily controlled via the free Casambi app for iOS and Android. This offers a variety of additional features. Your lights can now not only be dimmed or switched on and off, you can also combine up to three lights into a group, set lighting scenes, set a timer and much more.

You can read in our blog which functions the Casambi-App still offers. The control runs via Bluetooth LE (Low Energy).

If several Casambi modules are in use, a so-called "mesh network" is built up. This enables a higher range, as it is extended with each additional module. We have tested the range in practice and came up with two modules to a full 40 meters!

Take a look for yourself.

Wireless control unit for DALI LED drivers With the innovative CBU-ASD DALI Bluetoot…

€55.61 net €46.73

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Art.-Nr.: CBU-TED V2
Lighting control for existing LED lighting With the IP20-protected CASAMBI CBU-TED p…

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Art.-Nr.: CBU-PWM4
4-channel Bluetooth 4.0 PWM dimmerThe CBU-PWM4 is a Bluetooth 4.0 controllable CASAMBI fo…

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Art.-Nr.: CBU-ASD_0-10V
Wireless controller for 1-10V LED driversWith the Bluetooth 4.0 control unit CBU ASD 1-10…

€55.61 net €46.73

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The Casambi App - In 5 steps to your own lighting control

Retrofitting lighting management systems is often complicated and costly. We show you today how to retrofit your lights smartly in only 5 steps. Very simple - with the Casambi App:

1. Select Casambi Module

First wire your Casambi module to the lamp. 

Here you can easily see with a few clicks which module you need for your lighting.

2. Wire the Casambi Module

The following applies to the first two variants:

First connect phase and neutral conductor in the Casambi module; the protective earth conductor is not required.


Connect the +/- output of the ASD module to the DALI interface of the driver. As usual with DALI, the polarity is not to be observed. Now add L and N to the driver - switch on the light - DONE!


Connect the N/≁ output to the driver - switch on the light - DONE!

You wire the PWM4 module behind the driver with the LED tape.

Look for the exact wiring instructions directly in our shop under the respective CASAMBI module. You'll find the different possibilities and correct diagrams for wiring there.

3. Open the free Casambi App

If you don't have it installed on your phone yet, you can find it here:

4. Select profile

Go to "Lights nearby" and select the appropriate Casambi module. All available profiles will now be displayed; choose the one that suits you best.

Of course you can change the profile at any time. How this works is explained in a YouTube video.

Your lights now connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which consumes little energy and has a range of up to 20 metres, with two Casambi modules even up to 40 metres in the open air thanks to the mesh network. Of course we did not miss the opportunity to test the range, see for yourself!

5. Integrate luminaire into your network

You can assign the device to an already existing network or to a previously created network. To do this, click on the module icon and then go to the "Add to..." option.

Now select the network to which your luminaire should belong. Your lamp is now ready for smart control via the Casambi-App!

Useful Accessories

Discover more useful products in our shop, which make the use of a Casambi light management system easier for you:

Art.-Nr.: 808930
PIR sensor for luminaires in CASAMBI networks The white passive infrared sensor from…

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Art.-Nr.: XPRESS-B-W
Smart radio switch for controlling CASAMBIThe CASAMBI Xpress is a smart light switch whic…

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CBU-HBND/ PIR + motion sensor

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Art.-Nr.: 800163
E27 lamp socket for Bluetooth light controlThe CASAMBI E27 threaded shell lamp socket wit…

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Functions of the Casambi-App compactly explained:

The Casambi-App offers a variety of useful features. For example, lights can be controlled individually or as groups, which makes handling much easier. If there are certain light colours and dimming levels that you particularly like, you can easily save them as a scene and call them up as often as you like at any time. By setting the timer function, this even happens automatically. The Casambi app offers another gimmick with the photo function. You simply upload a photo of your living room (or production hall, workshop, etc.) to the app and after a short and intuitive setup you can control your lights with a "click" and dim and adjust them with simple gestures.

With the practical "share function", roommates and guests have immediate access to your lighting without having to set up each room again (of course only if you want to).

Casambi ready

We distribute a variety of products which are "Casambi-Ready", i.e. compatible with all Casambi products. 
Here we have put together a selection of Casambi-Ready products for you.

Art.-Nr.: YPAED-QER-3801-C
CASAMBI-capable 40W RGBW frame panelThe bundle COPA-006262-RGBW from RP-TECHNIK consists…

€195.61 net €164.38

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CASAMBI HighBay PIR motion detector (IP66) The CASAMBI HighBay passive infrared moti…

€298.32 net €250.69

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Art.-Nr.: YMOCA-BULB-E27
Casambi-capable E27 LED lamp with stepless selection of warm white to cool white color te…

€47.12 net €39.60

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