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Wall Control button Casambi Xpress-B Wireless Switch - XPRESS-B-W

Product number: XPRESS-B-W
Casambi Technologies

Wall Control button Casambi Xpress-B Wireless Switch - XPRESS-B-W

Product number: XPRESS-B-W

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Product information "Wall Control button Casambi Xpress-B Wireless Switch - XPRESS-B-W"

Smart radio switch for controlling CASAMBI

The CASAMBI Xpress is a smart light switch which can do more than turn on light. It controls your CASAMBI modules - completely without a smartphone / mobile phone. It can switch on and off as well as call up scenes, dim up and down ... Everything via radio control, without wiring - simply battery-operated.

The CASAMBI switch is very slim. The appealing haptic also convinces. Once you have inserted the batteries, you only need to connect the switch once in the CASAMBI app. After that assign functions to the buttons (scenes, on-off ...) - casambi-like totally easy. Finished.

Simply mount or use as a remote control

You can use the CASAMBI switch immediately. Either mount it on the wall or use it as a mobile remote control (as with radio-controlled sockets). The mounting plate required for wall mounting is included in delivery. You then do not need to scramble your cell phone out. Simply switch.

The Xpress also brings great flexibility to the interior design, as furniture can be freely transposed or walls can be rebuilt without having to consider the wiring for light switches or their placement.

Preset buttons for control, scenes, animations

With the four preset buttons (see picture) freely programmable light scenes or an animation can be called up or just single lights or lighting groups can be controlled.

The CASAMBI Xpress also has two dimming buttons. By pressing the "-" button once, the selected luminaire or luminaire group dims to 0%. Pressing the "+" button dims the luminaire or lighting group back to 100%. Pressing the dimming button smoothly dims the lighting up or down.

Xpress also has "up" and "down" buttons, which either control the color temperature when the luminaire is equipped with warm white and cold white light color, or control the ratio between the two proportions for luminaires with direct and indirect light.

To control the color temperature, just press the "up" button to set the color temperature to the warmest color of the luminaire. Tapping the "down" button calls up the coldest light color. Holding the buttons changes the color temperature smoothly in increments of 25 Kelvin.

The preset switches of the CASAMBI Xpress can be configured / changed via the CASAMBI app.

Basic features

Up / Down button:

  • Changing the color temperature in steps of 25 Kelvin
  • Changing the ratio of indirect / direct lighting

Preset button:

  • Individual lighting control
  • Group control
  • Control of all lights
  • Recalling scenes
  • Recalling animations

Smart functions:
  1. Dimming
  2. Hold down one of the two dimming keys: Smooth dimming of the last selected preset, cycle lasts 5 seconds.
  3. Tap the "-" button: Selected default setting is 0%
  4. Tap the "+" button: Selected default setting is 100%

Preset button:

  1. Tap: The selected preset (light control, group control, all lights, scene or animation call) is switched on.
  2. Touch again: The selected default setting (light control, group control, all lights, scene or animation recall) is switched off.

Color temperature:

  1. Press and hold the "Up" or "Down" button: Changes the color temperature smoothly, takes 5 seconds.
  2. Tap the "Up" button: calling the warmest color temperature
  3. Tap the "Down" button: Call the coldest color temperature

Ratio of indirect / direct light:

  1. Press and hold the "Up" button: Smoothly dims the indirect light, run lasts 5 seconds
  2. Press and hold "Down" buttons: Smoothly dims the direct light, sweep lasts for 5 seconds
  3. Tap the "Up" button: Indirect light goes to the maximum level.
  4. Tap the "Down" button: Direct light goes to the maximum level

Switch off

Pressing the "Up" or "Down" button for 2.5 seconds turns off all the lights in the selected network.

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Electrical data
through wiring: no
ballproof: no
form type: linear
mounting: surface mounting
Photometric data
sensor: no
color: white
Logistic data
item category: light management
Dimensions & packaging
Length 90 mm
Width 90 mm
Height 21 mm