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Retrofit at a glance

Find the right light source in just a few clicks for the simple 1:1 replacement of your existing light sources to LED:

LED conversion made easy

Due to the provisions of the RoHS Directive, a conversion from fluorescent lamps to LED lamps is inevitable sooner or later.

A 1:1 replacement with LED retrofit lamps is the easiest way to do this. The existing fluorescent lamps are simply replaced by a compatible LED lamp. 

When choosing the LED equivalent, however, it is important to consider whether and if so, which ballast is installed.

With our smart configurator you can quickly find suitable alternatives to your conventional fluorescent lamps.

If you still have questions, our lighting experts will be happy to help you. 

Ballasts and matching LED lamps at a glance

Note that for the compatibility of the Dulux lamps, the appropriate wattage also plays a role. You can find this on the base of your lamps (see configurator).

You are not sure which ballast is installed?

No problem! With two very simple methods, you can quickly find out which lamp technology you need:

Starter test:

Is a starter installed in the luminaire? Then it is a conventional ballast and the CCG-compatible versions are the right choice. Otherwise, you are dealing with an electronic ballast. 

Camera test:

If the luminaire still has an intact fluorescent lamp, you can easily use a camera (smartphone or tablet) to test which technology it is.

Hold the camera on the switched-on luminaire.

Is the light flickering? Then the light bulb is operated with a CCG.

Is there no flickering to be seen? Then you are selecting the ECG-compatible equivalents.

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You are not sure which retrofit lamp is the right one for your
conventional lamp or whether a 1:1 replacement is possible?

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