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Further Information

LED Lamps 

The days of the good old light bulb are long gone - LED light sources have conquered the world of lamps. And that really makes sense, with LEDs you can achieve maximum cost savings with maximum flexibility. The bad reputation of LED lamps is long outdated, in the meantime they function technically perfect and offer every possibility regarding the desired light colour. 

Is it worthwhile to convert to LED lamps? 

The reluctance to switch to LED technology is largely due to the higher purchase costs. However, thanks to extraordinary energy efficiency and a long service life, the investment quickly pays for itself. However, converting to LED lamps is not only worthwhile in this respect. 

Here you will find an overview of the advantages of LED lamps: 

✔ up to 90% energy saving 

✔ sustainable thanks to long service life 

✔ low fire hazard thanks to minimal heat generation 

✔ environmentally friendly, as no toxic substances 

✔ No delay in power-up 

✔ extraordinary diversity and flexibility 

Is a changeover to LED lamps costly? 

We can also answer the question whether the conversion to LEDs is complex with no. There is an adequate LED replacement for any kind of illuminant, so that you don't even have to change the complete light, but only the lamp. So-called retrofit illuminants offer replacement for your old lamps. This saves you effort, time and of course money. In our guide you can find out what to look out for when replacing your conventional light bulb with an LED light source. 

Dimmable LED lamps 

If you would like to dim your LED lighting, it is essential that you check whether the lamp is marked as dimmable. Otherwise you risk a flickering or even a defect of your LED illuminant. You can find information about the dimmability of our lamps under the technical data. You should also make sure that you have a suitable dimmer. Unfortunately, the interface between the LED lamp and the dimmer is not standardized. 

If you have any questions, please contact us, our lighting experts will be happy to help you. You will also find LED lamps in our shop, which have the easiest way of dimming. They are easy to dim via the light switch. So just screw them in and off you go. 

Colourful variety with coloured LEDs 

LED lamps are the ideal choice if you want to add colour to your lighting. Be it for private, decorative or commercial purposes, as illuminated advertising or path or emergency lighting. There are no limits to the colour spectrum of LEDs.  

Disposal of LED lamps - what you have to consider 

LED lamps consist of many small electronic parts. Therefore, they belong to electronic waste and do not belong in the household waste. You can hand them in at appropriate collection points or at a recycling centre. This has a positive effect on the environment because some materials can be reused.