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Further Information

Halogen lamps 

Despite certain legal restrictions, halogen lamps still enjoy a certain popularity. The reason for this may be their light, which scores with a very "white" colour temperature similar to daylight. 

Function of the halogen lamp 

In principle, the halogen lamp works similar to the conventional Edsion bulb - in an improved version. Both lamps generate their luminosity by heating a tungsten wire through current flow. The resulting white glow produces light. The halogen lamp can be heated up much higher by a small quartz bulb which increases the efficiency, i.e. the brightness considerably. To ensure that the increased heat does not have a negative effect on the life of the lamp, the glass bulb contains the eponymous halogen gas, which ensures that the tungsten wire is not damaged so quickly. 

Typical places of use for halogen lamps 

There are various designs, both technical and structural. You will find halogen lamps as low-voltage and high-voltage lamps, in linear, point or all-round distribution. This makes numerous places of application possible. Because of their good colour rendering and light colour, they are often used in places where the full output of halogen lamps can be used to good effect. This includes cooking areas or bathrooms, places where bright light is an advantage. 

Advantages of halogen lamps 

✓ Natural, intense light 

✓ Compact and variant design 

✓ Immediate brightness after switching on 

Can halogen lamps be dimmed? 

Dimming of halogen lamps is not recommended, as this has a negative effect on the service life of the lamps by reducing pressure and temperature. Dimming is possible with a special transformer, but even this one has more disadvantages: if it is not completely disconnected from the mains, it draws power even in stand-by mode. 

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