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Outdoor Motion Detectors

The installation of outdoor motion detectors is worthwhile from various points of view. On the one hand, automatically controlled light around the house ensures an accident-free stay in the garden and yard.
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Motion detectors for outdoors

The installation of outdoor motion detectors is worthwhile from various points of view. On the one hand, automatically controlled light around the house ensures an accident-free stay in the garden and yard
But also the risk of burglary is noticeably lowered by motion detectors.

Sudden light has a deterrent effect on potential intruders
Last but not least, outdoor sensors ensure a high level of comfort and, thanks to their high efficiency, have a positive effect on the environment and your wallet.

Wall or ceiling mounting? 

Outdoor motion detectors should always be designed to cover the largest possible area. Whether you mount your motion sensors on the wall or the ceiling depends largely on the requirements and the nature of your outdoor areas. 

While wall-mounted motion detectors usually offer a detection angle of 180°, you can usually achieve a full 360° with ceiling mounting.
A special feature are sensors that are suitable for corner mounting. As the name suggests, they are mounted on the corner of a house and detect movements on the two adjacent walls, the detection angle is up to 240°. 

Surface-mounted or flush-mounted? 

Even with outdoor devices, you usually have the choice between surface-mounted and flush-mounted variants.
The latter offer the advantage that your motion detector does not disturb optically, because it is mounted hidden in the plaster. However, retrofitting such models involves a lot of work and high costs.
Therefore the flush-mounted version is more suitable for new buildings or complete renovations. Surface-mounted models are often more flexible and cheaper in terms of installation and retrofitting. Often they are equipped with batteries and are not even connected to the house's own power lines. 

Lights and LED spotlights with motion detector outside 

Of course there are also lights or spotlights for your outdoor areas, in which a motion detector is already installed. These can usually be retrofitted very easily and the sensor is also extremely inconspicuous. Models for entrance areas are now available with the most innovative technology.
The XLED Cam from Steinel, for example, combines sensor, spotlight, intercom and camera in one. This is highly efficient and above all creates maximum security in your outdoor areas. 

The right protection for your outdoor motion sensors

All technical devices that are installed outdoors have to withstand a lot. They are exposed to wind, weather and UV rays. It is therefore important to ensure a sufficiently high IP protection (this should not fall below IP44). This way you can enjoy your outdoor motion detectors for a long time and save yourself the costs and nerves of constant new purchases.

If you have questions about the right product for your application, please contact our lighting experts.