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Pleasant and bright LED Lighting in your hairdressing salon

von Joan Degener

Your advantages of a new store lighting

Why you will
profit enormously

Save energy costs
LED lighting offers not only the best light - the high energy efficiency and durability ensure maximum savings.
Suitable lighting concept
Uniformly and brightly illuminated work areas and pleasant washing or waiting areas - we have the right solutions
High quality of light
So that the hairstyle not only fits, but also during coloring nothing goes wrong, we plan only lights with the highest color rendering index in your salon
Light planning from the expert
We plan your hairdressing lighting free of charge and without obligation. We can deliver suitable products directly to your application on request.

Lighting solutions

We help you to put your store
in the best light

Get the attention you deserve
Be the highlight!
Bright ambient lighting
Pleasant, efficient general lighting
Creating atmosphere
Illuminate products in a targeted manner
Everything from a single source
We make your total package

Expert tip

Unfortunately, there is no universal lighting solution. We can help you find the best option for your store. Just fill out the form and together we will find the best way to an efficient and long-lasting LED lighting system.

Light calculation


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Our product recommendations are perfectly matched to each other
Fast delivery
As a rule, we deliver your products within 24 hours - also directly to your construction site
Flexible payment
Convenient shopping with PayPal, Klarna, by direct debit or on account
Top Service
Best service and comprehensive consultations are of utmost importance to us

Your time
is valuable.

Finding the best lighting solution is time-consuming and non-transparent. Let us worry about that and use your time more sensibly.

  • An end to long searching
  • individual solutions
  • free of charge for B2B
  • exactly fitting for your store

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"I am thrilled with how the goods stand out. Today, customers have spoken to us directly after the conversion about what great lighting we have"

Andreas Schröder, Schröder wine store in Neheim

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Why searching for so long?
Concentrate on your business, your lighting expert will calculate the optimal combination of devices for you.
So simple.

  • placement recommendations
  • product recommendations
  • standard-copmliant lighting
  • individual ideas

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Warum ist eine gute Beleuchtung im Friseursalon so wichtig?

Hairdressers have to work with concentration and precision. Good light not only guarantees clean work, but also promotes concentration and motivation. For customers, a visit to the hairdresser is like a wellness treatment. The right lighting supports the well-being and relaxation of your guests.

Welche Beleuchtungsstärke braucht die Friseurbeleuchtung?

Different lighting solutions are recommended in the different areas of a hair salon. The work area where cutting, colouring and hairdressing takes place is equipped with at least 500 lux and neutral white lighting that also has an excellent colour rendering index.

Zwischen welchen Salon-Bereichen wird bei der Beleuchtung eines Friseursalons differenziert?

The hairdressing salon is divided into different areas where different lighting scenarios are recommended:

  • Colouring &cutting areas: 500 lux, daylight white light, high CRI 
  • Washing areas: wellness light, wellness atmosphere 
  • Waiting areas: atmospheric light, reading light 
  • Counters: 300 lux, product lighting

Brauche ich Notbeleuchtung im Friseursalon?

Emergency lighting that provides a safe route to the exit in the event of a power outage is recommended to protect your employees and customers. Additionally, illuminated emergency exit signs provide safety and peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

Lohnt sich eine Umrüstung auf LED in meinem Friseursalon?

The use of LED lamps in your hair salon is definitely worthwhile. Not only the unbeatable energy efficiency, longevity and light quality of LED lights speaks for a conversion. The ban on fluorescent lamps makes a lighting refurbishment inevitable in the long term.