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Further Information

T5 fluorescent lamps 

The T5 fluorescent tubes, also known as neon tubes, belong to the low pressure degassing lamps and are often used in signage installations. However, T5 fluorescent lamps also offer some possibilities for the private sector. The name "T5" is derived from the English term "tube", the "5" from the standardized diameter of the tube. This corresponds to 5/8 inches, or 16 millimetres. 

How does a T5 fluorescent tube work? 

The inside of the tube is coated with a fluorescent coating, while the glass tube contains a noble gas and mercury. A mercury vapour discharge in the tube wall spreads UV radiation, which the phosphor uses to provide brightness. Under a certain pressure, the noble gas serves to make the ignition easier - because fluorescent tubes have a hard time with this at low temperatures. 

Do I need an ECG for my fluorescent lamp? 

Absolutely yes. The electronic ballast not only guarantees the efficient operation of fluorescent lamps, it also ensures a flicker-free start and a long service life. However, the appropriate electronic ballast is often already integrated in the lamp, so you don't have to do any extra work or effort with it. In our shop you can find the lamps in different lengths and wattages, with or without integrated electronic ballast. 

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