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Further Information

Interior lights for your home or business 

Depending on the area of application, luminaires need to meet different requirements. The interior lighting of your home should be decorative and create a feel-good atmosphere. Commercial lighting, on the other hand, has to meet legal requirements in combination with high energy efficiency. In our shop you will find high quality interior lighting for your living spaces, smart LED panels for ideal office lighting and efficient LED light bands or Highbay luminaires for a cost-effective illumination of your workshops. 

The perfect lighting for your living space 

The interior lighting of your home is divided into several areas. Simple ceiling lights and surface-mounted lights provide sufficiently bright and pleasant ambient lighting. Spotlights or spotlights can be used to provide targeted zone lighting for specific areas. The extra portion of cosiness and decorative character can be created with accent lighting, for example with LED tape. 

Which light is best for which room? 

As differently as you use the rooms in your home, the demands on the lighting are just as varied. After all, certain areas should offer enough brightness to do housework or office work. Nevertheless, interior lighting should radiate a homely atmosphere of well-being. Our guide tells you what you need to consider for the right light in different rooms. 

Intelligent light at home 

Smart home systems are establishing themselves more and more in our homes. This includes intelligent lighting control. Easy to control via app, your smart lighting provides you with the highest level of comfort and flexibility. In addition, smart light scores points with high energy efficiency and increased security for your home. Not quite convinced yet? Discover the advantages of smart lighting with our starter set from Casambi and get your intelligent light. 

Efficient interior lights for your business 

Special requirements are placed on the lighting of industrial halls and factories. Often legal regulations have to be observed, in addition to personal demands such as design and efficiency. In our shop you will find suitable products to illuminate your office buildings, workshops or warehouses safely and cost-effectively. 

The right protection for your lights 

Workshop lighting in particular is often exposed to dust, dirt and splashes of water. The IP protection class indicates the extent to which your luminaires are suitable for operation under such environmental conditions. Using the table below, you can easily find out what IP protection the lighting in your application needs to have. 

In some areas where explosive gases or substances are used, the luminaires must be able to withstand even more. Petrol stations or paint shops must be equipped with EX luminaires. These are suitable for operation in hazardous areas. If you are not sure about the requirements for your application and which products are best for you, we will advise you with a free and non-binding light calculation. 

Interior lights with motion detector 

Many interior lights are equipped with a motion detector. Otherwise, it is worthwhile retrofitting the lights for both private and commercial use. Interior lighting with motion detector has the advantage that the light does not remain switched on "by accident". This saves a lot of money. 

LED interior lights 

We advise both our commercial and private customers to convert to LED interior lights. Meanwhile they really deserve to get rid of their bad reputation. They are not only the most economical illuminant, but also the most versatile. Nearly every light colour, most different lumen packages and countless designs! And as a practical retrofit version, even compatible with your favourite lights.