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High-quality workplace lamps 

To create optimal conditions at workplaces, optimal lighting is a central aspect. Because light has a proven effect on well-being, health and performance. Therefore, the workplace lighting of various activities is standardized by law. 

Why is the right lighting at the workplace so important? 

The wrong lighting at the workplace has a negative effect on the health of employees from several points of view. Poor lighting causes eye problems, headaches and concentration problems. If glare or light shadows caused by poor lighting have to be avoided, this can also lead to poor posture. With a reasonable and tested workplace lighting on the other hand, you increase concentration, motivation and attention of your employees. 
Furthermore, you prevent incorrect working methods and dangerous situations. This avoids many unnecessary accidents. 

The best light at the workplace is achieved by a mix of workplace lighting, a good basic lighting and - of course - daylight. 

What should the ideal workplace light bring with it? 

Basically it depends on the type of activity when choosing the right light. A certain amount of flexibility allows you to adjust the lighting conditions and visual tasks that different activities entail. Thus, they meet the requirements of office workstations, assembly workstations and inspection workstations. 

What requirements and standards must workplace luminaires meet?

The most important aspect of standard-compliant workplace lighting is illuminance. This is measured in LUX. The recommendations regarding the ideal illuminance at the workplace depend strongly on the activity. Logically, much more light is needed for fine, complex work than for simple, rough tasks. 

Depending on the nature of the workplace, work luminaires must have a sufficiently high degree of protection. This means that the electronics are not damaged in the sometimes dusty or humid environment in industry or workshops.

The ideal model of your work lamp also depends on the type of work and workplace. For many activities, such as assembly work, a flexible or an articulated arm on the lamp makes a lot of sense. So the light can be easily pulled to where it is needed. For particularly fine work, there are so-called magnifying glass lights. As the name suggests, they are a combination of workplace light and tools. Special system lights are designed according to the modular principle. This way you can create the perfect workstation light according to the workplace, employee preferences and lighting requirements. 

Advantages of LED workstation lights at a glance 

✓ standard-compliant illumination of various workplaces 

✓ satisfied and efficient employees 

✓ efficient lighting

✓ Flexibility in terms of light color

✓ dimmable task lights meet personal preferences 

In our store you will find workplace lamps, desk lamps and free standing luminaires, which are specially designed for office workplaces.