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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric positions itself as a leading global expert in the fields of electrical power distribution, industrial automation and digital transformation. The company is a specialist in energy management for households, the manufacturing industry, buildings, data centers and infrastructure. With its broad portfolio around energy management, Schneider Electric supports customers in sustainable solutions and innovations.

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Art.-Nr.: 15363
Acti9 MIN elektromechanische Treppenlichtzeitschalter. Zwei Betriebsarten Automatik oder…

€23.12 net €19.43

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Art.-Nr.: A9C30812
Fernschalter Acti 9 iTL. 2-polig, 2 Schließer, Nennstrom 16A, Steuerspannung (Uc) 230-240…

€17.77 net €14.93

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: LV429515
Dies ist ein Isolierzubehör, das vor direktem Kontakt mit dem Stromkreis für 3P Compact N…

€13.89 net €11.67

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Art.-Nr.: R9F23106
Leitungsschutzschalter Resi9 . 1 polig, 6A, Charakteristik B. Ausschaltvermögen von 6kA n…

€4.94 net €4.15

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: A9A15310
Steckdose Acti 9 iPC (deutsche Ausführung). 2-polig+E, Nennstrom 16A, Betriebsspannung (U…

€8.66 net €7.28

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: R9XFH312
Phasenschiene Gabel Resi9 3-polig, 12TE, ablängbar, Nennstrom 63A, Betriebsspannung (Ue)…

€4.88 net €4.10

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: MTN6705-0008
Kombi Schalt-Jalousieaktor 8-fach, 16 A, REG, SpaceLogic KNX Schalt-Jalousie, 8-fach Mast…

€199.61 net €167.74

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: SZ1RV1202
Dieses Potenziometer ist ein Ersatzteil für Frequenzumrichter. Er ist mit allen Altivar-B…

€29.94 net €25.16

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: A9Z21225
Fehlerstromschutzschalter Acti 9 iID, 1,5kA (IEC/EN 61008-1). 2-polig, Nennstrom 25A, Erd…

€26.99 net €22.68

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: R9F23110
Leitungsschutzschalter Resi9 . 1 polig, 10A, Charakteristik B. Ausschaltvermögen von 6kA…

€3.25 net €2.73

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: CCT5010-0002W
Wiser Unterputz-Dimmaktor schaltet und dimmt ohmsche, induktive oder kapazitive Lasten in…

€53.02 net €44.55

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: CCTFR6100
Wiser Heizkörperthermostat regelt den Heizkörper-Warmwasserdurchfluss innerhalb einer Wis…

€59.80 net €50.25

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: CCT501801
Wiser Hub zur zentralen Haussteuerung der vernetzten Wiser-Produkte via Zigbee per APP üb…

€146.07 net €122.75

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: CCT595012
Wiser Bewegungsmelder/Lichtsensor zur Alarmierung/Aktivierung von Automationen vernetzter…

€65.01 net €54.63

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: CCTFR6600
Schneider Electric Wiser Verteilerleiste Fussbo.Heizen/Kühlen CCTFR6600

€305.65 net €256.85

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: CCTFR6700
Wiser Funkempfänger-Relais schaltet elektrische Heizungen in einer Wiser-Heizungssteuerun…

€66.81 net €56.14

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: CCT599002
Schneider Electric Wiser Rauchmelder für Wohnanwendungen mit photoelektrischer Technologi…

€77.55 net €65.17

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: XPSUAF13AP
Die Sicherheitsrelais Harmony XPS Universal sind in unterschiedlichen Sicherheitsanwendun…

€117.14 net €98.44

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: KSA250AB4
Canalis KSA. Einspeisekästen inkl. Endabdeckung für 250 A, 400 A. KSA Endeinspeisung. Mon…

€562.80 net €472.94

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: KSB63SD5
Canalis KSA, Abgangskasten, 63A, Sicherungsunterteil Diazed E33, Polarität 3L + PEN, Sich…

€173.48 net €145.78

Shipping in 7 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: KSB160SE4
Canalis-Abgriffeinheit für KT und KS. Sie wird für die mittlere Energieverteilung und die…

€432.41 net €363.37

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Art.-Nr.: KSB100SE4
Canalis KSA. Abgangskasten mit Sicherungsunterteilen. KS Abgangskasten, 3-pol. Sicherungs…

€204.74 net €172.05

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: KSB63SD4
Canalis KSA. Abgangskasten mit Sicherungsunterteilen. KS Abgangskasten, für Sicherungen E…

€176.03 net €147.92

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Art.-Nr.: KSB25SD4
Canalis KSA. Abgangskasten mit Sicherungsunterteilen. KS Abgangskasten, für Sicherungen E…

€134.60 net €113.11

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Light expert info

Schneider Electric - Company history

In 1836, in the midst of the Industrial Revolution, the Schneider brothers took over mines and forges in Le Creusot, France. Just two years later, they founded Schneider & Cie and were considered experts in the armaments sector. Towards the end of the 19th century, the company also turned its attention to the burgeoning electricity market, and at the beginning of the 20th century, the brothers expanded their business into Germany and Eastern Europe.

Finally, after the Second World War, a major restructuring is carried out, and at the end of the 20th century the company finally turns away from steel construction, calls itself Schneider Electric and grows to become the world leader in the field of electricity and energy management.

Schneider Electric - wide range of products

Schneider Electric scores with a huge range of products for all kinds of electronic demands and needs: 

  • Low voltage: products and systems: Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive range of high-quality solutions for low-voltage distribution systems 
  • Installation & Building Systems: Schneider Electric carries all the products needed in the construction or restructuring of buildings, from simple connectors and installation materials to charging stations for electric vehicles 
  • Automation & Control Technology: Schneider Electronic fully covers the industrial, infrastructure and construction sectors with its control and automation technology solutions and products 
  • Building Automation: Innovative and flexible automation and building management solutions for buildings of all sizes ensure maximum energy savings and increased efficiency 
  • Medium Voltage Products and Energy Automation: Schneider Electronic offers safe and highly efficient power distribution solutions for low and medium voltage installations 
  • IT infrastructure, UPS, cooling & monitoring: Schneider Electric also carries innovative products that can be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Buy Schneider Electric products

In the WATT24 store you will find a wide selection of popular Schneider Electric products. When you buy from our online store, you benefit not only from outstanding product quality, but also from numerous other advantages: 

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