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For more than 35 years, the RP Group has been the German leader in the development and production of emergency and safety lighting with innovative LED and wireless technology.
Based on its many years of experience with LED, ROPAG GmbH offers intelligent and innovative luminaires for the specialist trade and for general lighting.
The broad and flexible product portfolio opens up almost unlimited lighting possibilities in terms of design and individuality. With the Casambi lighting control system ROPAG GmbH also supplies a modular lighting system for smart, modern and individually adaptable lighting management.
Everything - whether reliable emergency lighting systems, design-oriented lights or long-life batteries - is of certified quality and Made in Germany.
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Art.-Nr.: YMOCA-BULB-E27
Casambi-capable E27 LED lamp with stepless selection of warm white to cool white color te…

€47.12 net €39.60

Shipping in 40 day(s)

ROPAG Casambi ready 2in1 roller shutter control CO-CASAROLLOWith the CASA ROLLO roller sh…

€133.88 net €112.50

Immediately available

CASAMBI interface for push-button integration With the IP20-protected CASAMBI Blueto…

€155.94 net €131.04

Shipping in 14 day(s)

ROPAG Casambi ready 2-way switching relay CO-CASARELAISThe relay has 2 potential-free con…

€115.61 net €97.15

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: YMOCA-TED-460
Phase section dimmer with wireless Casambi Bluetooth technology for luminaire installatio…

€191.24 net €160.71

Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: YPAED-QER-3801-C
CASAMBI-capable 40W RGBW frame panelThe bundle COPA-006262-RGBW from RP-TECHNIK consists…

€195.61 net €164.38

Shipping in 14 day(s)

CASAMBI switching relay for up to 2200 VAUsing the CASAMBI switching relay from RP-TECHNI…

€193.26 net €162.40

Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: UW220
UW220 changeover switch for operating WR devices (ECG with 1 AC/DC supply) on central bat…

€64.38 net €54.10

Immediately available

CASAMBI HighBay PIR motion detector (IP66)The CASAMBI HighBay passive infrared motion det…

€268.31 net €225.47

Shipping in 14 day(s)

CASAMBI motion detector for built-in mountingThe CASAMBI passive infrared motion detector…

€203.98 net €171.41

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: YPAED-QEC-3801-C
CASAMBI-capable 40W HCL frame panelThe bundle COPA-006262-CCT from RP-TECHNIK consists of…

€163.51 net €137.40

Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: CO-PWM300-01
300W CASAMBI constant voltage moduleThe CASAMBI constant voltage module from RP-TECHNIK h…

€171.50 net €144.12

Shipping in 14 day(s)

CASAMBI HighBay PIR motion detector (IP66) The CASAMBI HighBay passive infrared moti…

€298.32 net €250.69

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: COPA-013610-NW
Ultra flat 10W LED panel with 4000 KThe ultra-flat LED panel from RP-TECHNIK's "PLANO" se…

€108.42 net €91.11


Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: COPA-030001-NW
LED panel, power supply and TED componentThe bundle COPA-030001-NW from RP-TECHNIK consis…

€119.92 net €100.77

Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: COPA-626210-NW
33W / 4500lm LED panel with 4000KThe HIGHPOWER LED panel from RP-TECHNIK is perfect for p…

€152.99 net €128.56

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: COPA-006262-NWT
LED frame panel, power supply, CASAMBI deviceThe bundle COPA-006262-NWT from RP-TECHNIK c…

€119.33 net €100.28

Immediately available

CASAMBI motion detector (surface mounting)The CASAMBI passive infrared motion detector&nb…

€256.25 net €215.34

Immediately available

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