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With their compact design and excellent photometric data, Osram HALOPIN lamps are an excellent choice for all kinds of applications, especially for luminaire designs with small dimensions.
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Art.-Nr.: 4008321208668
This is the product HALOPIN PRO 33 W 230 V G9 of Osram.

€5.85 net €4.92

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321703576
This is the product HALOPIN OVEN 40 W 230 V G9 of Osram.

€5.95 net €5.00

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Art.-Nr.: 4008321945617
This is the product HALOPIN PRO 48 W 230 V G9 of Osram.

€5.85 net €4.92 €4.18

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 4008321945655
This is the product HALOPIN PRO 60 W 240 V G9 of Osram.

€5.85 net €4.92 €4.18

Immediately available

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Light expert info

Osram HALOPIN - The compact lamp with G9 plug-in base

The compact halogen lamps from the brand manufacturer Osram are extremely popular when it comes to using high-quality light sources in luminaires with small dimensions. Thanks to their compactness and low heat generation, G9 HALOPINS enable innovative, revolutionary luminaire designs.

The G9 bulbs produce brilliant light, completely without the use of harmful substances such as mercury. 

Tip: With the highest color rendering index, the compact bulbs are ideal as reading lamps or for illuminating workplaces.

Advantages of HALOPIN

The halogen lamps of the HALOPIN series score with excellent light quality at low power consumption and thus provide brilliant accent light for your application: 

  • Highest color rendering 
  • Energy saving 
  • Low heat generation 
  • UV filter 
  • Suitable for operation in open luminaires 
  • Dimmable 
  • Integrated fuse function

Osram HALOPIN - Applications

Thanks to their small dimensions, the lamps in the HALOPIN series are ideal for use in compact luminaires: 

  • General lighting 
  • Workplace lighting 
  • Reading or desk lamps 
  • Dining table lighting 
  • Mirror lighting 
  • Mood/accent lighting

Tip: The Osram HALOPIN OVEN is specially designed for use in ovens thanks to its optimum halogen composition and its robustness to high temperatures.

Buy Osram HALOPIN at WATT24

In our store you will find a wide selection of the popular HALOPIN lamps in different color temperatures for a variety of applications. 

If you have any questions about the selection or the individual products, our lighting experts will be happy to help!