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Light sources

No luminaire without lamp! 

The world of lamps is extremely manifold. To respond to this diversity, our shop offers an exceptional broad product range of lamps – from classic FL, HID or halogen- until up-to-date LED-lamps. You will only find products of renowned manufacturers having an excellent reputation to exclusively deliver goods of top quality.

Art.-Nr.: 193501-30
The Farluma LED lamps are the simplest way to replace your old light source with a dimmab…

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The Farluma LED lamps are the simplest way to replace your old light source with a dimmab…

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Art.-Nr.: 193701-30
The Farluma LED lamps are the simplest way to replace your old light source with a dimmab…

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Light expert info

How to find a suitable lamp 

Choosing the right bulb for your luminaire is often not that easy. Below you will find a number of criteria that you should consider when choosing your new light bulb. The relevant information can be found in the respective product description.

Type of light source: Depending on the luminaire, application and preference, you have the choice of different types and designs. The classic incandescent bulb is now obsolete. Alternatively, halogen bulbs, gas discharge lamps, fluorescent lamps or tubes, or the somewhat newer energy-saving lamps are on the market. If you are planning a new building or a retrofit, however, we always recommend modern, efficient and long-lasting LED technology. We will be happy to advise you on the perfect light source for your purposes. 

Socket and lampholder: To ensure that your lamp fits into your luminaire, it is important to choose the right lamp socket for the lampholder. You can find more information about the different types in our guide.

Energy consumption in watts: The wattage indicates the power or energy consumption of your lamp. LED lamps are the most economical: light-emitting diodes produce the highest luminous efficacy with the lowest wattage and the most operating hours. The value lumens per watt provides information about the luminous efficacy. 

Colour rendering index in CRI: The CRI value shows you the quality of your light source compared to natural light. The higher the value, the more natural the color rendering. Especially in the professional field, a high CRI is not only an advantage but a requirement.

Colour temperature in Kelvin: Depending on the area of application, you should pay attention to the correct light color of your lamp. Warm white light provides a cozy ambience, daylight white or neutral white lamps are used in offices, medical practices or trades. Some lamps can be flexibly controlled in terms of color temperature.

Dimmable lamps: Many lamps can be dimmed directly via the light switch. This gives you flexibility in terms of brightness and also saves you the purchase of dimmable lamps or special drivers.

Ballasts and drivers: Fluorescent lamps require a ballast to function properly. This provides the necessary ignition pulse and also limits the discharge current in the lamp. Drivers are often used with LED lamps. They transform the output current so that LEDs whose voltage is lower than the mains current can be connected. 

LED strip – great flexibility meter by meter 

A special variant of light sources are the popular LED strips. Not only in the application, but also in the light color, the movable LED strips offer the highest possible flexibility. So there is hardly a limit to your creativity.

If you have any questions about special lamps or need help choosing the right lamp, feel free to contact our lighting experts.

Modern classics 

You want to save energy, but do not want to replace your favorite old lamp? For this purpose, our online store offers the popular retrofit models from various manufacturers. They can be quickly, easily and smoothly replaced with incandescent lamps and the like. So you benefit from the energy efficiency and long life of modern LEDs and also save the trouble and expense of having to replace your old light.