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Further Information

Light sources

No luminaire without lamp! 

The world of lamps is extremely manifold. To respond to this diversity, our shop offers an exceptional broad product range of lamps – from classic FL, HID or halogen- until up-to-date LED-lamps. You will only find products of renowned manufacturers having an excellent reputation to exclusively deliver goods of top quality. 

How to find a suitable lamp 

Often it is not really easy to choose the best suited lamp for your luminaire. We would like to present some criteria to facilitate your choise, also giving information what is important to know before buying your new lamp. You can also find that information in the corresponding product description. 

Socket and holder: a suitable socket for the lamp holder should be chosen to make sure that the lamp is fitting your luminaire. You will find more information on the various types of lamps in our small guide. 

Power consumption in watt: wattage defines the output resp. energy consumption of your lamp. LED-lamps are most economical: with lowest wattage they produce most light. 

Colour rendering index in CRI: CRI-value indicates the degree of quality of your lamp compared to natural light. The higher the CRI-value the more natural is colour reproduction. It should be noted that a high CRI-value is also a regulation requirement especially for professional application. 

Light colour: it is important to choose the suitable light colour depending on the area of application. Warm-white light creates an atmosphere of well-being, daylight-white lamps are used for offices, surgeries, business and trade. Some lamps offer a feature for flexibel adjustment of their light colour. 

Dimmable lamps: many lamps are directly dimmable by use of their switch. This avoids purchasing dimmable luminaires or specific drivers. 

Up-to-date classic lamps 

You want to save energy but not to exchange your favourite lamp? We recommend popular Retrofit-types of various manufacturers for this purpose. Retrofit-lamps provide energy efficiency offering with LEDs a long life-cycle at the same time. In addition, you save efforts and expenses for the exchange of luminaire you currently use. 

LED strip – great flexibility meter by meter 

LED-tapes are popular and strongly demanded by customers – they feature utmost flexibility, not only for their application but also for their light colour. Hence, your creativity has nearly no limit. Should you have any questions for specific lamps or need assistance for the right choice of a suitable lamp, please do not hesitate to contact our lighting experts – they will be pleased to give advise to you.