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Production hall

LED continuous row lighting was installed in the company's new production hall. This scores not only with the highest efficiency and durability. The continuous row can be switched individually and thus provides flexible lighting conditions for different activities.
The homogeneous and shadow-free illumination of the workshop enables precise and concentrated work and perfect quality control of the injection molded articles produced.

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Office and classroom

In the company's offices and training rooms, LED WELOOM panels with adjustable rated luminous flux, a high CRI and natural color rendering ensure a perfectly illuminated working environment.
The modern panels blend unobtrusively into the spatial concept of the new building. Concentrated working, teaching and learning in the office and training complex is ideally supported by optimal lighting conditions.

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Corridor area with motion detector

LED BulkHeads from WELOOM provide pleasant and bright light in passageways so that employees can get from A to B safely.
The integrated sensor technology creates additional efficiency and eliminates the need to search for the light switch. The lighting only switches on when and where it is needed.

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Youtube Video

In our video we show you the overall result of Camatta's lighting installation in Sauerland. 

See for yourself the efficient and practical lighting solutions for the production hall, office and training rooms and for all the company's transit areas.

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Naturally, we keep the legal requirements in mind and take your personal preferences regarding design and price level into account. 

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