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Power consumption of dimmable illuminants

Dimmable lighting provides flexibility and coziness. But what actually happens to the power consumption? And does frequent dimming affect the service life of the light sources? Find out everything you need to know about the energy consumption of dimmable light sources:

Does dimmed light consume less electricity?

Simple answer: Yes!
Especially with current LED lamps, the effect is noticeable on the electricity bill. But dimmed incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps also save some electricity. It is therefore worthwhile to dim down the lighting when the need for light decreases or to let a cozy atmosphere enter the home in the evening.
 Another advantage is that dimming protects the light sources and thus extends their service life.

Retrofitting dimmers

To make light sources dimmable, dimmers can usually be retrofitted easily and conveniently. It is important that the light sources (especially LEDs) are explicitly marked as dimmable. Existing LED lights can then be supplemented with a suitable dimmer to control the brightness easily and flexibly from now on. Here you can find out more about what you need to consider when dimming LED lamps. 

Dimming LEDs

All info at a glance:

  • A dimmer provides a reduced power supply to the light source - The luminosity decreases and electricity is saved
  • The reduced power supply increases the service life of the light source 
  • Last but not least, dimmable light provides flexibility, the brightness can be adjusted as needed at any time

Dimmable lamps

In principle, most light sources can be linked to a suitable dimmer and ultimately controlled. This works just as easily for halogen lamps as it does with energy-saving lamps or high-voltage incandescent lamps. Due to the current trend towards LED, the corresponding dimmer technologies are most in demand and clearly on the rise. It is essential to ensure that the LED lamp is marked as dimmable and that the appropriate dimming technology is selected. Learn more about the differences and special features of LED dimmers now: