We want you to be completely satisfied!

Via the live chat integrated in the shop, the free telephone hotline, by fax or email, we are happy to answer your questions personally and take orders.

Who we are

WATT24 is your lighting expert for everything to do with professional lighting. 

With quality products from renowned manufacturers, we offer tailor-made solutions for each of your lighting projects. To ensure this, our product range includes everything you need for your lighting, from practical accessories and replacements, to decorative light, to robust lamps for your extreme applications. 

Not only do we have the right products for your application, but we can also advise you on all your needs. With our free and non-binding light calculation you will receive the perfect planning for the conversion or the creation of standard-compliant and individually adapted lighting for your lighting projects within the shortest time. 

In addition, you will always find help in our live chat and on our YouTube channel if you have questions regarding suitable products or their correct installation. 

As a member of the TRILUX Group, we have world-leading companies at our side with whom we work together to realise ideal lighting concepts as simply and efficiently as possible - for everyone.

We are excellent

As early as 2016, we were able to secure three awards at the renowned Shop Awards right away: 

✓ Internet World Business Shop Award 

✓ Shop Usability Award 

✓ Golden Cart Award 

We were also awarded the Deichmann Integration Prize. Inclusion and integration is of great importance to us in addition to environmental protection. We employ people with disabilities who are individually supported and promoted by the Caritas Werkstätten Arnsberg and by us.