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Further Information

Waterproof luminaires 

Moisture-proof luminaires are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. As you can easily tell by their name, they are used in damp environments. They are specially protected so that the electronics are not damaged. But even foreign bodies such as dust cannot harm the moisture-proof luminaires. Our luminaires with an IP protection value of up to IP68 withstand all conceivable adversities. 

LED waterproof luminaires for commercial applications 

Damp-proof luminaires are the ideal solution, especially in professional areas such as workshops. They guarantee long life and efficient operation under aggressive environmental conditions. The diffuser luminaires are therefore ideally suited for operation in manufacturing or production halls, as industrial luminaires, as a robust light source in warehouses, or even for use in car washes. If you are not sure which damp-proof luminaire is best suited for your application, we will be happy to help you. 

Waterproof luminaires for private use 

LED moisture-proof luminaires are also the ideal solution for many areas in the private sector. As robust cellar lights without starting difficulties, moisture-proof lights are the optimal replacement for conventional fluorescent tubes. The hard-wearing diffuser luminaires also offer the ideal solution as garage lighting with motion detector. 

Huge selection of LED waterproof luminaires 

Our range includes suspended and surface-mounted bath luminaires from the manufacturers EiKO, NORKA, TRILUX and ZALUX. We cover different wattages, colour temperatures and lumen values - suitable for every application. Some of our moisture-proof luminaires are suitable for through-wiring. We also offer moisture-proof luminaires with motion detectors. These are particularly suitable for areas where people only spend short periods of time, such as warehouses or garages. Advantages of LED moisture-proof luminaires LED moisture-proof luminaires score points with high energy efficiency and a long service life of up to 30 years. The saved energy, replacement and maintenance costs, as well as lower operating losses guarantee a short payback period.