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Further Information

LED Downlights 

Downlights enjoy great popularity - and that is no wonder, as the luminaires offer a wide range of application and design options. With recessed luminaires you can create bright general lighting, but also targeted accent lighting, depending on the model and method of use. 

Downlights are therefore ideal for decorative home lighting or targeted lighting of exhibition objects. But the flexible luminaires also make bright general lighting in corridors or entrance areas, as well as offices or meeting rooms possible. 

Why LED?  

Especially if your decision is based on ceiling spots with pre-installed light sources, it is advisable to use LED. Modern LED technology not only scores with highest efficiency. Especially because of the long life and maintenance-free operation you will enjoy your lights for a long time. 

Fixed or movable downlights? 

Basically, the positioning of the luminaires should be well planned in advance, as they are installed in the ceiling. However, if you want a little more flexibility, we have swivel-mounted spots. This can be of great advantage especially in decorative areas or showrooms.