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Further Information

LED panel lights 

LED panels enjoy great popularity in many application areas. This is fundamentally due to their design - thanks to their extremely thin profile, the practical luminaires blend inconspicuously into the room image, which means that rooms with LED panels appear larger and more structured. 

Added to this is uniform and glare-free illumination. In contrast to the punctual light provided by other lamps, panel luminaires illuminate the room brightly and over a large area. They are therefore particularly popular in offices, surgeries, training rooms or practices. 

Recessed or surface-mounted panels? 

As the name suggests, recessed panels are built into the ceiling. Especially with grid ceilings this is simple and practical. There is no fastening or similar to be seen. However, built-in panels do not work with every ceiling. 

Mounting panels are fixed like other ceiling luminaires. Thanks to their slim design, they take up hardly any space and blend inconspicuously into the overall picture. 

Different sizes and models 

The choice of LED panels seems almost limitless. They are available in countless different sizes and shapes - there is something for every purpose and taste. 625x625mm has established itself as the standard panel for grid ceilings, otherwise there are almost no limits to the range of variations. Depending on the area of application, all that is needed is a suitable IP protection class and the desired light colour and intensity. 

We would be happy to advise you at any time on the right LED panels for your application. 

Even more flexibility - thanks to LED 

The compact design is possible thanks to LED technology. But it enables even more. For example, some panels offer the additional convenience of lighting control and/or various colour changes. You can find detailed information about additional features of your lights in the technical data of our panel lights.