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Further Information

Ignitors and starters 

Some light sources cannot be ignited with normal mains voltage. High-pressure discharge lamps, for example, require upstream igniters and fluorescent lamps, so-called starters. Both types of lamp work on the principle of gas discharge, which is generated between two electrodes. When cold, applying an operating voltage has no effect; the gas path between the electrodes must first be ionised. The very high voltage required for this is realized by igniters or starters. 

You must take this into account when operating with igniters: 

✓ The start-up time can take a few minutes to illuminate your application perfectly, so you must be patient 

✓ Every start affects the lifetime of your lamps 

✓ Switching off during the starting phase can damage your lamps 

✓ For these reasons, such a lighting concept is ideal for premises where long-term operation of the lighting is required - offices, shops, reception areas, etc.