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Further Information

Emergency lighting 

Emergency lighting is lighting that takes effect in good time if the general power supply to the artificial lighting is disrupted. It is the generic term for replacement lighting and safety lighting. The purpose of the replacement lighting is to continue the current activity which cannot be interrupted for certain reasons (e.g. during operations in hospital). 

Safety lighting is divided into 

  • emergency lighting of escape routes (for safe recognition of escape routes and safe exit from rooms)
  • anti-panic lighting (to reduce the risk of panic in large gatherings of people, such as open-air concerts, major night-time events, in spectator areas at indoor sports events, etc., as well as in department stores, for example, and to provide adequate visual conditions for orientation and safe walking to escape routes) 
  • safety lighting for workplaces with special hazards (for safely ending activities and leaving the room). 

Replacement lighting 

Replacement lighting should allow work to continue undisturbed - if necessary, even for a limited period of time. If the activity is to be carried out even after the general power supply has failed, the photometric requirements for the back-up lighting result from the nature of the activity and the visual performance derived from it during the period of normal power supply. However, if the activity is to be shut down (terminated) within a reasonable time, lower lighting requirements may be accepted. Although EN 1838 does not specify this in detail, at least 1⁄10 of the illuminance maintenance value prescribed for normal conditions is required. Switchover usually takes place without interruption within 0.5 seconds.