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Further Information

Twilight sensors - light comes into the dark so easily 

Twilight sensors offer a great alternative to motion detectors if you don't want to just switch the light when people are within a certain radius around the light. Although timers also serve this purpose, they need to be reset according to the time of year in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency. Twilight sensors form the much more convenient variant of automatic lighting control. 

How do twilight sensors work?

A light-sensitive photodiode is built into the sensors, which compares the brightness of the surroundings with a reference value and then switches: Light on when it falls below this value, light off when it rises above it. The reference value is freely adjustable, so you have light exactly when you need it, in every season. Tip: Do not install twilight sensors next to other light sources! 

Advantages of twilight sensors 

✔ For indoor and outdoor use 

✔ Individual setting options 

✔ Light independent of the presence of people 

✔ No tiresome setting depending on the seasons 

Tip: House number lights with twilight sensor are a particularly practical and efficient lighting solution!