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FL-ECG by BAG electronics, Osram, Tridonic, Hadler and HARVARD

To operate a fluorescent lamp, an electronic ballast primarily performs four tasks: ignition, supply of the lamp with high-frequency current, current limitation and lamp monitoring. In our shop, you will find exactly the right FL ECG for your individual requirements.

The quality ECGs of our suppliers offer a constant range of services and sophisticated solutions. Apart from the standard electronic ballasts you will also find a lot of already discontinued ballasts. This facilitates the 1: 1 replacement.

Depending on the power requirement, you can choose from numerous FL ECGs between 4 and 80 watts. You will find FL ECGs for installation or mounting, for suspended mounting, with screw mounting or with strain relief, dimmable (over 1-10V, DALI, DSI and other dimming options) or non-dimmable, with 1 to 4 output channels, with IP20 or up to IP67 protection.

If you need help with the selection: no problem. Use the chat, the live presentation, the contact by mail, fax or the normal telephone. If you have not found your electronic ballast, we are happy to offer you a suitable alternative. Feel free to contact us!


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