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Exterior lighting

Proper outdoor lighting is important in any application. Trip-free around the house, accident-free across the yard. In our store you will find outdoor lamps for every purpose: discreet, stylish decorative lights for your home and practical, efficient LED outdoor lighting for your business. 
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Art.-Nr.: EKFL10-5K-T3
With the Floodlight, EiKO offers an IP65-protected LED spotlight with a slim housing, a n…

€6.55 net €5.50 €9.00

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 4007841611019
Simply classic, simply classy. Outdoor SensorLight L 400, ideal for building walls and en…

€88.73 net €74.56 €104.08

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 30135653
WELOOM BASIC LED Bulk Head HFS is a round LED damp-proof surface-mounted luminaire for wa…

€28.73 net €24.14

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 60006103
LED bollard light, IP65, height 600 mm, textured graphite, other. Execution in compact de…

€178.43 net €149.94

Shipping in 4 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841001902
Perfectly replaced! With the Steinel replacement glass for the Steinel lamp L 400 S.

€29.67 net €24.93

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 4007841671006
Light ON / OFF – automatically and without electricity costs Innovative sensors respond t…

€216.18 net €181.66

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841065294
The all-rounder from Steinel: outdoor floodlight, motion detector, surveillance camera an…

€239.00 net €200.84

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841671013
Light ON / OFF – automatically and without electricity costs Innovative sensors respond t…

€216.18 net €181.66

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841630317
Makes the most out of any corner! EWH 03 corner wall mount for STEINEL SensorLights L 400…

€12.13 net €10.19

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841671211
Light ON / OFF – automatically and without electricity costs Innovative sensors respond t…

€293.38 net €246.54 €333.20

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841053000
Popular style. Full range of functions. The square sensor-switched L 690 LED outdoor ligh…

€232.55 net €195.42

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841035747
The most modern outdoor light in the world. Designer sensor-switched outdoor light L 800…

€163.24 net €137.18

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841085681
Efficient. Elegant. Versatile. Sensor-switched LED light XSolar L-S. Ideal for pathways,…

€314.34 net €264.15

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: EKFL70-5K-T3
70W LED spotlight with IP65 protectionThe LED spotlight „Floodlight“ by EiKO has a nomina…

€77.14 net €64.82

Shipping in 28 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841035730
The future of illuminated house numbers. Sensor-switched LED light XSolar LH-N, ideal for…

€88.24 net €74.15

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841634216
Live life conveniently and save energy too. More quality of life, more safety and securit…

€49.39 net €41.50 €52.93

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 4007841035709
60W outdoor luminaire with stainless steel bezelThe stylish sensor outdoor luminaire "L22…

€64.41 net €54.13

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841052539
Shining light. STEINEL high-frequency sensor-switched indoor light RS LED D2 with brushed…

€0.00 net €0.00

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841059880
Bright individual. Sensor-switched outdoor light L 115 S, ideal for building fronts and b…

€66.18 net €55.61

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841630416
Makes the most out of any corner! EWH 03 corner wall mount for STEINEL SensorLights L 400…

€11.33 net €9.52

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 81017000
Ground spike to Art.-Nr. 60111103 BRUMBERG LED-Spotlight BLOKK, IP65.

€5.43 net €4.56

Shipping in 4 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 612156.0031.19
Series: HB 403Decorative garden lamp in square cross section. casingAluminum die-cast pow…

€134.89 net €113.35

Shipping in 14 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841052959
Lets the sun shine everywhere. No connection to the power supply, no energy costs and yet…

€117.66 net €98.87

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 4007841052966
Light for free. The solar light in silver or anthracite illuminates house number without…

€102.60 net €86.22

Shipping in 10 day(s)

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Goods are well packaged and arrive safely, which is important to me. My mail was answered immediately. 

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Had to replace a lamp, but it was no longer available. Great advice, found a suitable replacement and delivered it quickly.

Light expert info

Outdoor luminaires for safety and orientation

Basically, decent and decorative outdoor lights are suitable for the home, which fit coherently into your design. When planning, you can divide your home outdoor areas into different areas: 

Entrance area: inviting, bright and above all: safe! Make sure that your house entrance shines in the best light. This will help you avoid invisible tripping hazards and deter uninvited guests. Wall lights or spotlights are best suited for this purpose. Recessed luminaires are also suitable for bright and pleasant lighting. House number lights are particularly practical. They look chic, provide good illumination and, incidentally, show your visitors the way to the right house. 

Driveways and paths: Different path lights are suitable for your driveway and paths around the house. Ground lights show the way stylishly but unobtrusively. Bollard lights now come in a wide variety of designs. You are sure to find variants that fit perfectly into your lighting concept. If you don't want to commit yourself or want to create "new" paths through your outdoor area for a garden party, ground spike lights are an excellent choice. Installation proves to be as easy as can be: the lights are simply inserted into the lawn or bed at the desired location.

Garden and yardGarden lighting must be both functional and effective. Spotlights, which can be converted into a base luminaire with a suitable ground spike, offer perfect light bundled with maximum flexibility. Thus, selected areas are quickly illuminated or trees and bushes variially accentuated. In addition, they usually bring the necessary robustness and the appropriate IP protection class for use in adverse conditions. 

You can set highlights simply with LED tape. In many cases, you can set the desired light colors and easily control them via app. However, it is important to make sure that your tape is suitable for outdoor use. Special elements on your property can be skillfully highlighted with suitable outdoor lighting. For example, an illuminated pond or a floodlit seating area is sure to attract attention.

Which kind of outdoor luminaires are available? 

We offer outdoor luminaires for every purpose: 

  • LED outdoor spotlights for bright but efficient illumination of parking spaces or yard 
  • Outdoor wall lights for safe orientation around the house or commercial buildings 
  • LED bollard luminaires as efficient path lighting 
  • Ceiling luminaires for bright general lighting 
  • House number luminaires for clearly visible entrance areas 

The type of outdoor lighting which is suitable for your needs strongly depends on the purpose and location. Basically, discreet and decorative outdoor lighting is suitable for private homes while commerical areas require appropriate and sufficient bright illumination.  

Outdoor lighting for your business 

Around your facility you should install functional and sufficiently bright lighting. On the one hand, this will give you the visibility you deserve. On the other hand, you achieve increased safety of your employees and customers. Especially in your parking lot, this is important to reduce the risk of accidents due to darkness.

A great option for the facade of your commercial building is an outdoor wall luminaire with light emission at the top and bottom. Spotlights are perfect for your parking areas thanks to their bright light. Plinth luminaires also help you find your way around.

Practical outdoor luminaires with motion detector 

Exterior lighting with motion detectors ensures comfort and safety. Automatic switching of your illumination avoids unnecessary search for the light switch, often to be found further away or inside, especially in large outdoor areas. In addition, automatic light switch has a deterrent effect on potential burglars. Outdoor lights with a camera offer even more control for this effect. 

The right protection for your outdoor lighting 

Outdoor lights are exposed to wind and weather. Hence, they need a special protection for a long life cycle. The degree of resistance to withstand water and dust influcences is defined by the IP protection rate. This rate indicates with a two-digit value the operational purposes for which outdoor luminaires are suitable. Special waterproof luminaires offer a particular high protection and impact strength. 

Is it worth converting to LED outdoor lights? 

LED outdoor lights are clearly worth it! They consume significantly less energy with a much higher longevity than conventional outdoor lighting. They have the advantage that frequent switching on and off by means of motion detectors does not affect their illuminant. In addition, they shine immediately with full brightness.
Tip: The most savings are offered by outdoor lights with solar. You don't even have to worry about suitable power connections. Combined with economical LED lamps, solar lights now also last all night. 

In our assortment you will find a large selection of high-quality outdoor lights of various designs. Our top manufacturers BrumbergLedvance and Steinel offer outdoor lights for every purpose and taste. Our lighting experts will be happy to advise you!