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Electrical installation

Especially at a time when building automation is on the rise, the need for high-quality and well-designed electrical installations is increasing. We offer professionals and do-it-yourselfers quality components for all aspects of power supply for electrical equipment in building and domestic installations - from cables, sockets and switches to distribution systems and charging solutions for electromobility.

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Electrical installations through the ages

Where classic electrical installations used to be purely about power supply, for example lights on or lights off, today much more can be considered in building installations. There is an increasing emphasis on smart home technology, which is also undergoing rapid change and becoming ever more complex. More and more devices and systems can be integrated into smart buildings.

In addition to automation, it is becoming increasingly important to exploit all energy-saving and performance potential. This not only helps to save money, but also plays a role in environmental protection and sustainability.

All in all, current developments mean that electrical installations have to be planned ever more precisely and with an eye to the future.

5 tips for the perfect electrical installation

In order to plan the perfect electrical installation for a building, there are a number of things to consider. However, with the consideration of some tips and a future-oriented planning, nothing stands in the way of the perfect electrical installation in your application: 

1. plan connections generously
Nothing is more annoying than having too few sockets installed in finished buildings. Makeshift solutions with multiple sockets not only look silly, they also always harbor a certain safety risk. When planning electrical installations, reference is usually made to the minimum requirements for electrotechnical equipment. However, this minimum standard can be easily extended and customized. Look carefully at the planning and, if in doubt, choose more sockets than you think you need. 

2. plan electrical circuits cleverly
Plan a separate circuit for each room and each power-intensive household appliance, each protected by its own circuit breaker. This is the only way you can use the appliances and electrical applications in parallel, and in case of an emergency, not all appliances will break down at the same time. 

3. thinking intelligently about the future
The trend is clearly towards intelligent automation and smart homes. When planning your electronic installation, you can already take into account which systems or trades are to be integrated into the intelligent building automation, so that they can all be controlled easily, efficiently and cost-effectively via a common bus system. The advantage of planning smart home devices at an early stage is the avoidance of subsequent cable clutter and costly installations.

4. do not forget lightning protection
A professionally installed lightning protection system is the be-all and end-all of electrical installations in buildings. Because the fact that lightning always strikes only the highest buildings is a myth. In addition, lightning strikes miles away can still cause surge damage to sensitive technical equipment. With a lightning and surge protection you are on the safe side and your building and all electrical devices are protected from damage. 

5. outdoor electrical installation
With all the meticulous planning indoors, you must not forget the electricity in your outdoor areas. Lights in the garden, on the balcony or terrace or in the park and entrance area not only create safety, but also make work easier. In addition, you should not forget all the little helpers for the maintenance of your outdoor areas and gardening. Lawn mower, scarifier, hedge trimmer or pond pump also need electricity.
Note: In view of current developments, it's worth thinking ahead when it comes to the electrical installation outside and, for example, planning a connection for charging stations for e-mobility.

Popular categories in electrical installation

When you think of electrical installation, you think directly of cables, sockets and switches. But the perfect and modern electrical installation includes many more components:

  • Switches and sockets (e.g. from Gira or Busch-Jaeger)
  • Cables, cable ducts and wires
  • Terminals and connectors - Overvoltage protection 
  • Bus systems 
  • Charging systems for e-mobility 
  • Lightning protection & surge protection 
  • Distribution systems & accessories 
  • (Mounting) Accessories 

WARNING: There is a danger to life during installations on electronics and during all work with electricity. Have electrical installations carried out only by trained specialists and do not dare to experiment yourself under any circumstances.

Buy electrical installation material

At WATT24 you will find a huge selection of high-quality components and accessories for electrical installations from renowned manufacturers. With a purchase in our store you also benefit from numerous other advantages: 

  • Fast shipping: Immediately after receiving your order, we process it and send it on its way to your home or directly to your construction site as quickly as possible. Stock items are usually with you within 24 hours. 
  • Large selection: In our store you will find an exceptionally wide range of products that you need for electrical installations. We only offer high-quality items that we ourselves are convinced of. For example, you will find switches and sockets from Gira or Busch-Jaeger or cables and wires from Lapp, and much more. 
  • Excellent service: Customer satisfaction is very important to us! For all questions or problems, our lighting experts are at your side with help and advice. You can reach us by mail, phone or via our convenient contact form.