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Now in its third generation, the family-run company BACHMANN has developed from a Swabian commercial agency into a globally active premium supplier of designer sockets, intelligent PDUs and digital solutions. The products of this expert in the electrical engineering sector are developed, produced and distributed in-house. Discover a wide range of BACHMANN products with us:

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Art.-Nr.: 917000
Rahmen 2xKeystone schwarz, inkl. 2 Schrauben, im Folienschlauch 100x100x0,06mmTechnische…

€1.60 net €1.34

Shipping in 3 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 388172
Tischsteckdose SMART 3fach schwarz, öffenbar, 5m H05VV-F 3G1,5mm² Schutzkontakt geschraub…

€12.49 net €10.50

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 381.149K
SMART Steckdosenleiste Farbe: Schwarz mit erhöhtem Berührungsschutz 5xSchutzkontaktsteckd…

€15.71 net €13.20

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 913175
Vollgummi-Kupplung schwarz mit Knickschutz montierbar Spritzwasserschutz+Hammer-Zeichen f…

€5.93 net €4.98

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 917170
Kaltgeräteeinbaustecker , E, 10 A, 70 ° C schwarz mit SchraubanschlußTechnische Datentr:n…

€2.09 net €1.76

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 924161
Kippschalter Serie 8400 6(4) A 250V Ausschalter, 1polig, Steckanschluss 4,8mm Geeignet fü…

€5.29 net €4.45

Shipping in 3 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 233285
Stromverteiler Verlängerung Stromleitung 2,5A/ 250V~ 3 m H03VVH2-F 2 0,75 mm² weiß CEE 7/…

€5.12 net €4.30

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 241175
Stromverteiler ZULEITUNGEN/ ANSCHLUSSLEITUNGEN Stromleitung 10A/ 250V~ 3 m H05VV-F 2 1 mm…

€4.63 net €3.89

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 924151
Zugschalter Serie 3716 2 A 250V Ausschalter, 1polig, Zweilochbefestigung, Lochabstandt 20…

€2.74 net €2.30

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 911276
Technische Datentr:nth-child(odd){background-color:lightgrey;} Verkaufseinheit1 STK

€1.31 net €1.10

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 246175
Leitung ZULEITUNGEN/ ANSCHLUSSLEITUNGEN Stromleitung 3 m H07RN-F 2 1 mm² schwarz CEE 7/17…

€9.21 net €7.74

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 917224
Custom Modul bestückt mit USB A/A Doppelcharger max. 5V/2,4A Stromeingang: 0,2m GST18 ver…

€39.30 net €33.03

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 672280
Leitung SPIRALKABEL-VERLÄNGERUNG Stromleitung 16A/ 250V~ 500 mm, 2.000 mm, 27 mm, 10 mm Y…

€14.04 net €11.80

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 910470
Schutzkontaktstecker braun bruchfest montierbarTechnische Datentr:nth-child(odd){backgrou…

€1.22 net €1.03

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 912971
Bachmann Schutzkont.-Kupplung gr,PVC, montierbar 912.971

€2.58 net €2.17

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 119270
Herdanschlußleitung 1,5m weiß H05VV-F 5G2,5mm² im 10er Bündel Seite 1: 50mm / Aderendhüls…

€4.27 net €3.59

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 388371
Tischsteckdose SMART 3fach rot, öffenbar, 3m H05VV-F 3G1,5mm² Schutzkontakt-Winkelstecker…

€10.63 net €8.93

Shipping in 7 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 917001
Rahmen 1xKeystone schwarz, inkl. 2 Schrauben, im Folienschlauch 100x100x0,06mmTechnische…

€1.60 net €1.34

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 917009
Rahmen Blind schwarz, inkl. 2 Schrauben, im Folienschlauchl 100x100x0,06mm,Technische Dat…

€1.60 net €1.34

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 381.2512K
SMART Steckdosenleiste Farbe: Weiß 1xSchalter 1xÜberspannungsschutz mit erhöhtem Berührun…

€21.34 net €17.93

Shipping in 7 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 912003
CONI Steckdosenleiste Länge: 3-fach / 217mm mit erhöhtem Berührungsschutz 2xSchutzkontakt…

€56.41 net €47.40

Shipping in 10 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: 912006
CONI Steckdosenleiste mit erhöhtem Berührungsschutz 3xSchutzkontaktsteckdose sw, 3xCustom…

€74.62 net €62.71

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 917010
Rahmen Blind mit Anschraubdome schwarz inkl. 2 Schrauben, verpackt im Polybeutel,Technisc…

€1.57 net €1.32

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 917038
Bachmann Rahmen 2xBTR E-DAT Modul CAT6 917.038

€8.40 net €7.06

Shipping in 7 day(s)

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Goods are well packaged and arrive safely, which is important to me. My mail was answered immediately. 

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Had to replace a lamp, but the same was no longer available. Great advice, found a suitable replacement and delivered it quickly.

Light expert info

Bachmann - History

In 1948, Josef Bachmann founded Bachmann KG, a commercial agency for the distribution of electrical products in Stuttgart. Soon afterwards, in 1954, Bachmann's son, Dieter Bachmann, joined the business.
The company Parabel Electric, managed by Dieter and his wife Sieglinde Bachmann, began producing its own plug cables in Winterbach, Swabia, in 1978. In 1979, BACHMANN took over the industrial distributors LIEBHERR and NIVONA and finally changed its name to Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG. 

In 1990, BACHMANN's electrical engineering division was expanded to include the company BACHMANN Elektrotechnik in Steinbach in Thuringia. Soon afterwards, in 1993, Dieter Bachmann's son, Peter Bachmann, joined the company as managing director in the third generation. At that time, BACHMANN employed around 80 people.
One year later, in 1994, BACHMANN began to expand its production platform in Asia, which ultimately led to the takeover and independent continuation of a production site in Guangdong in 2016. In 1998, a new production and logistics center was built in the immediate vicinity of Steinbach. In 1999, the first international sales location opened in Barcelona, Spain. 

In 2001, BACHMANN began individual development and production for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and thus clearly focused on individualized customer-oriented solutions.
In 2007 & 2008, further companies were founded in France and Romania, thus continuing BACHMANN's internationalization.

Another sales office was opened in London in 2011.
In 2016, BACHMANN increased its growth by taking over its Chinese partner AEL, including all buildings and employees. 

BACHMANN employees have been on first-name terms since 2018. The "DU-culture" underlines the open corporate culture.
2019 BACHMANN acquires a stake in the Dutch start-up iotspot.
2022 Dr.-Ing. Oliver Eitrich completes the management team in the areas of Value Stream, Finance and Digitalization. 

In 2023, another sales office was opened in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, before another Managing Director was appointed in 2023 to help the successful company achieve even greater brand awareness. As Head of Marketing & Sales, Christofer Sofsky represents the customer voice and thus the brand impact.
In the same year, a new showroom opens in Paris, allowing interested customers to experience BACHMANN at all levels.
In addition, the sales company Bachmann Sales GmbH & Co. KG is founded with the aim of getting even closer to the customer.

BACHMANN products at WATT24

In our store you will discover a wide range of products from the premium supplier in the electrical engineering sector: 

  • Desktop socket outlets or desktop connection panels 
  • Socket strips (simple and smart versions) 
  • Outdoor sockets, garden sockets 
  • (Kitchen) connection boxes 
  • Socket outlet covers
  • Appliance couplings & appliance sockets 
  • Cables & extensions 
  • and many more

If you have any questions about BACHMANN products or suitable alternatives, our lighting experts will be happy to help and advise you.